Thursday, July 21, 2011

Only five

The judge didn't give us permission to take Dolly and Dude on vacation. They have to go to a respite home instead. I'm sad for them.

I spoke with the respite provider for Pumpkin. (She's going to a different home and won't be with Dude and Dolly.) I'm not too thrilled. They own a day care and are very busy with all sorts of summer activities. They aren't going to include Pumpkin in their comings and goings – she will be spending the entire time in their day care center (going first thing in the morning and coming home around 8:00PM or later). The up side to that is it is less likely she will be parked in front of a TV all day. (I can hope can't I?!)

Despite all the respite drama, I'm still looking forward to our vacation!!! We will have a chance to bond once again as a tight family unit. The children will have a blast at Cousins Camp and Mr. Amazing and I will get some time ALONE!! I won't have to lock up any medicine. I won't have to change any diapers. I won't have to wipe any noses. And everyone around me will speak English for a change.

Only one more absolutely crazy, insane, off the charts, I can't believe I choose this as my life...kind of a week ahead until we leave.


Anonymous said...

It's tough, but it will be good for all of us. I pray your babes are all well while you're gone... mine too :)

MamaFoster said...

i am happy for you five but i am pretty annoyed at the judge.