Sunday, July 10, 2011

Schedule nightmare

What it looks like when you've got six kids...
(this is my Monday)

4:30AM: Mr. Amazing leaves the house for a conference all the way across the country. I'm is flying solo all week.

6:00AM: I'll wake up, shower and get ready for the day.

7:00AM: Hopefully the cherubs will have slept until now. I will then proceed to get everyone up and dressed. We'll all eat breakfast.

8:30AM: Dash off to basketball camp for Cherubs 2 & 3. They are really looking forward to this!

9:15AM: Leave cherubs at basketball camp in order to get Pumpkin to her therapy sessions. Dude and Dolly will come along for the ride.

11:45AM: Pick up Pumpkin from therapies and drop her off at day care.

In a mad dash where I will scream at every vehicle in my way, I will race from day care over to camp. There is no way possible to pick up Pumpkin, drop off Pumpkin and make it to camp in only 15 minutes. Herman is going to be at camp though with the cherubs so they don't freak out as they have to wait a bit for me to arrive.

Continuing the mad dash around town, I will pick up some perfectly worthless fast food for all the cherubs. Herman will be babysitting TT & Bart so they will wait to eat their lunches at home. I will get Dude & Dolly set up with their lunches in the van so that they can eat right away.

I will drop off the three oldest boys at home and begin the trek over to the county Dude & Dolly are from (an hour away). Court is at 2:00PM but they have to be there by at least 1:30PM. We have yet to meet with any social workers from CPS since the removal. And no lawyers have attempted any contact.

2:00PM: Court with Dolly and Dude.

We need to be out of court by 3:30PM at the latest in order to facilitate the next round of appointments. If for some reason things are horribly behind and we cannot be excused, our agency social worker is going to pick up Pumpkin. Otherwise, it's up to me.

5:00PM: Pumpkin has a family visit. Her mom will finally get to celebrate Pumpkin's birthday with her.

Somehow I've got to grab dinner for all the cherubs. I'm still not sure how that's going to work yet. I have a feeling it will be more worthless drive through crap.

6:00PM: Herman has a counseling session. He's only meeting with his counselor every other week so I didn't want to reschedule this appointment. Besides, what's one more thing when the day is already so messed up?!

6:50PM: Pick up Herman from counseling.

7:00PM: Pick up Pumpkin from her visit.

Race home. Give out medications as necessary. Brush teeth. Get in pajamas. Deal with cherubs that will probably be freaking out from court.


If I'm not too dead...drink a margarita.

If you're the praying type, I'd appreciate it if you'd toss one up for me when you read this. The rest of the week isn't much better.

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MamaFoster said...

crap. that is a lot. is herman your oldest?