Wednesday, July 20, 2011

They're clueless

This morning I drove everyone over to meet the family that will be doing respite for our littlest cherubs (in the event the judge does not allow them to go on vacation with us).

The dad is retired and will be staying at home with the kids. I didn't get to meet the mom but I'm sure she's a terrific lady. They have a lovely home and the three kids who are there on respite right now seemed comfortable and settled in.

However, they are a brand new foster family. They've never had a placement. The dad is very "pie in the sky".


I got back home and needed to talk to our agency worker about some other issues. While on the phone she asked me what I thought of the respite family.

I laughed and told her it's obvious they are brand new. They have no idea what they're getting themselves in to.

My worker laughed and said, "Well...don't tell them!"


And that is why I do love my agency worker. At least she's real!


MamaFoster said...

lol...oh boy

MamaFoster said...

CherubMamma, you are a cherished friend and thank you so much for what you said on my blog.

I couldn't agree more and I do agree with some of the other ladies...if things were different. But, they are what they are a I agree totally...disservice is the best way to put it. Especially when I think there is a family out there that would LOVE her and ENJOY her.