Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Undies are slightly un-bunched

First I called our State office concerning this new medical standard that would require all foster children to have an exam EXACTLY one month after their birthday. The very nice lady let me have a hissy fit and agreed that it sounded ridiculous! She said I would need to talk to Medicaid as these kinds of standards can be explained by them. The office I was speaking with only handles licensing standards.

So I called Medicaid and spoke with Pumpkin's case manager. She too agreed and let me rant on about all the things that have been ticking me off lately. She transferred me over to Member Services.

There it was explained to me that Medicaid requires all children receive their annual well-child check "on or soon after" their birthday. They don't have a magic number in which this exam has to take place on. It just has to be "on or soon after".

So...I called our agency. I was put on the phone with the director herself.

Back in March when DFPS (Department of Family and Protective Services) renewed their contract with our agency it was put into writing that these well-child checks have to take place within 30 days of each child's birthday.

This makes sense.

All they are doing is giving you a 30 day window in which to get the kid's annual exam done. Instead of "on or soon after" it has to be done within 30 days of the birthday. Of course this means that some children will have to get two exams close together because a physical is required within 30 days of coming into care. But I have no problem with the powers that be giving a deadline in which kids need to get their annual exam done. It's a bit of a pain. But that's foster care in a nutshell. Everything is a bit of a pain.

I was able to schedule Pumpkin's well-child check for next week...before we go on vacation. (Which, by the way, will be another rant post coming up soon.) I'm still an emotional wreck from all the crap that is The System. But I'm a tiny bit better now.

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i am interested to hear who is going on vacation with you... :)