Monday, July 25, 2011

What will happen next?

As far as I know, Pumpkin's mom has done everything she's supposed to since Pumpkin was removed.

Until this morning.

Pumpkin had an appointment with her neurologist today. Our CPS worker (let's call her Amy) arrived on time in order to monitor the "visit". (I won't be alone with Mom in public. It's too much of a liability for me.) Mom was supposed to be there. Part of the reason Pumpkin is in care is because of medical neglect. (Mom had taken her off of her epilepsy medication.)

Mom didn't show up this morning.

At our last court hearing, Mom was not allowed unsupervised visits because nothing had been done to ensure that Mom truly understood how to take care of Pumpkin's medical needs. To satisfy the courts, Mom was to begin attending Pumpkin's neurological appointments. (Personally, I think Mom should have to attend ALL of Pumpkin's medical appointments. But what do I know?!)

Mom "forgot" about the first appointment Pumpkin had after court. However, the Amy called her the morning of and Mom managed to show up before we were called back to see the doctor. As far as this morning was concerned, Amy said that she had spoken with Mom last Monday during their family visit. She told Mom to "write it down" because she wasn't going to call and remind her.

As we were sitting in the exam room waiting, I asked Amy if she knew the date of Pumpkin's next court hearing. We made some small talk because she didn't know the exact date and had left her planner at work. Then I asked if she was going to ask for unsupervised visits? She shuffled a bit so I said, "It's complicated now because of this, isn't it." Without her saying anything it became apparent that Pumpkin's mom just made a pretty big mistake!! Amy isn't going to be able to say with confidence that she trusts Mom to take care of Pumpkin's medical needs.

I sure wish I had a crystal ball so I could see what is going to happen next. Caring for a child like Pumpkin is very challenging!! I'm getting increasingly frustrated with her wonky behaviors. Six children is hard enough. When one of them has special needs it can be overwhelming.

I'm hoping that our upcoming vacation will help me recharge. School starts only five days after we get back. I'm counting on the routine of school to make a difference as well. I don't want to give up yet. But I sure wish I knew what was going to happen next.

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Mama P said...

It can't ever just be simple, can it? I hope your vacation will be a wonderful rest for you as well. :)