Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Criminal charges

I know some foster parents that blog don't go into specifics about their kids' cases. Their reasoning is that the story belongs to the child and their parent(s) to tell.

I take a slightly different approach. I feel that I am pretty anonymous. Yeah, y'all have a pretty good idea of where I live. But no one in my area knows that I blog. I don't reveal any names. I try to be vague when I need to be. And I certainly don't tell the entire story. The odds of anyone piecing together my story online with who I am in real life are pretty small.

I feel like part of my purpose for blogging is to let other new or potential foster parents what it really looks like. So, I'm OK with sharing more intimate details.

That said, Pumpkin's CPS worker came over tonight for a home visit. "Amy" gave me some more insight as to where Pumpkin's case might be headed. (Key word...might. The judge down here is horribly unpredictable!!!!) Pumpkin's mom has done just about everything CPS has required of her. To my knowledge, the only real mistake thus far has been missing the one doctor appointment she was supposed to attend. Granted, given Pumpkin's medical condition, that's a pretty big mistake. But when you look at the big picture over the past 8 months, Pumpkin's mom is certainly trying!!

However, Amy shared with me that Pumpkin's mom's criminal issues have finally been dealt with. At the time of Pumpkin's removal, Mom was charged with felony child abandonment and medical neglect. (Pumpkin was found wandering outside her apartment building in a diaper, t-shirt and socks. She had also taken Pumpkin off of her epilepsy medications.) As it turns out, Mom plead guilty to the abandonment charges. It was either that, or the case would have gone to trial. That outcome could have easily been 2-10 years in prison for her mistake. Mom chose to plead guilty in order to avoid prison. (I can't say that I blame her.)

Now that Mom has this guilty charge though, Pumpkin's case becomes stickier. CPS can't just ignore the charges and continue forward easily. Pumpkin is going to be in care for a long, long time!!

Amy said that some uncle has come forward to care for Pumpkin. My first thought is...really? Eight months later?! But, I guess he's ex-military so maybe he just got out. (I honestly don't know!)

We are all waiting until court on Thursday this week. The judge is extremely unpredictable so the case could still move forward. Or it could get ugly. Who knows?! Amy said that depending on the outcome she'll decide whether or not to move forward with investigating the uncle as a viable placement option.

I'm sad thinking about how long Pumpkin is going to be in care. When I asked if the judge would move for TPR (termination of parental rights), Amy even hesitated a little. I hate to think that TPR is a possibility right now. Anything could happen though. Hopefully I'll get to sit in on court Thursday. I have to be there with Pumpkin but that doesn't mean I'll get in the courtroom. It will all depend on Pumpkin's behavior.

Oh yeah...my agency has given us permission to supervise visits with Pumpkin and her mom. Amy thinks it is a good idea too and passed the request on to her supervisor. I'm waiting for a response from the supervisor as we have to have something in writing from CPS in the hands of our agency before we can supervise any visits. I do hope the supervisor uses her head and allows this!!! However, this is the dingbat that asked Pumpkin's mom if we could take her camping though...so I haven't been impressed with her yet!!

I'll let ya know how this all shakes out. It certainly is a mess!

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MamaFoster said...

as soon as it looks like it is going one way the case always goes another.

i don't know about this uncle...