Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mr. Amazing is just that...again

We decided to ditch the beach this weekend. Honestly, it's too hot. That, and we've decided to try and get some homeowner projects done around the house. Besides, we've still got a couple more beach-going months if we want.

The reason I'm singing Mr. Amazing's praises though is because he let me sleep in today. Most of the time I get up with the kids. He's terrific and all. But with so many little ones, and the fact that I'm used to their routines because I'm home with them all day, I usually take care of the morning stuff.

We decided to skip church, and I slept in 'till 10:00AM this morning. It was blissful!

Mr. Amazing reported that Dude and Dolly were quite confused. Dude kept asking, "Where Mamma?" Dolly was quite concerned about getting her hair done. (I did it last night after bath in a style that wouldn't have to be re-done this morning.) And when I got up, Dolly had to give me a rundown on everything that had happened so far this morning. She let me know that she was dressed and that she ate cereal. It was quite adorable.

I've been in quite a bit of arthritic pain lately. (I've got psoriatic arthritis.) Getting this extra sleep helps with the swelling. I really should take care of myself and get more sleep on a regular basis. This first week of school was a bit taxing though and I had to stay up late to work on freelancing jobs because my daytime hours were booked.

I've eaten my breakfast and now I'm going to go shower. The children are all playing. And Mr. Amazing is working on some projects around the house. Even though we're not at the beach, it's going to be a great day.

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