Monday, August 8, 2011

Second hand details

Because we are on vacation, I didn't "get" to go to court today with my littlest cherubs. And because they are in a respite home over two hours away from their county, our agency worker had the pleasure of picking them up for court and staying with them. (Our agency is pretty good about helping out!)

At about 4:00PM today I got a call from our worker letting me know what happened.

She said the kids recognized the town as they drove into it. (duh) She said they also started asking about Mommy a lot when they got to court. (double duh -- the only time the kids have seen their mom since removal was at the first court hearing)

Mom didn't show up today.

The kids got antsy. (duuuhhhhhh -- maybe they needed a nap?! Maybe they needed to not have to go to court to begin with?!) Our worker said they were running all over the place and didn't want to sit still. (can you blame them?!)

At around 3:30 or so our worker asked the CPS worker for permission to leave. Mom had been contacted by CPS but indicated that she wasn't going to come to court. They were waiting for Mom to make any new decisions on the case overall. CPS gave permission for the kids to leave.

Our worker assures me that she'll contact CPS tomorrow to see if anything happened at court in the end. She indicated that they are still working on a homestudy for a grandma up in a different part of the state. She's going to let me know if there are any changes as soon as she can.

I took all of this in. I thanked our worker for keeping me in the loop.

Then I went upstairs to a dark bedroom and cried my eyes out.


Sunday said...

Ugh. i read your stuff and want to cry myself. the system just sucks all the way around. how sad for everyone!

jendoop said...

I'm so sorry. The system is cruddy and mom not showing up for court is beyond words- at least clean words. I hope grandma is a good resource and works out soon.

MamaFoster said...

it is so hard to root for parents when they won't at least show up.