Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dolly and her baby dolls

Dolly's birthday was this past Saturday. Dolly's two favorite things in the whole wide world are baby dolls and books. Needless to say, I ensured that she received copious amounts of both.

Dolly has been playing with her babies almost exclusively since Saturday. (I bought her babies when she first came here. But now she has all the accessories she could possibly want.) They get pushed around in the strollers. They swing. She gives them baths. She changes diapers complete with pretend powder and lotion. It is adorable!! (Even Pumpkin is getting into playing house. She has been doing absolutely terrific lately!!)

Today Dolly's babies needed my attention several times. One time a baby went "pow-pow". (That's what Dolly calls bumping yourself or falling down.) One time she had to show me how her baby got dirty and she had to clean the baby's face.

The one that broke my heart was, "My baby no see her mommy. My baby sad."

All I could do was agree with her. It's very sad when you don't get to see your mommy.

I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing...but I got a call late this afternoon letting me know that Dolly and Dude ARE going to see their mommy.  I guess their mom finally called for a visit and did whatever she needs to do to cooperate with the system and get one. CPS does need to do their best to ensure that Mom gets her 1 hour a month with the kids. (Plus, when Mom actually shows up they can make her take a drug test. And, from what I was told, Mom's choice of poison has gotten rather extreme.) Anyway, CPS is dropping everything and driving to pick the kids up in the morning. (I'm very grateful that I don't have to do this transportation as Mom lives over an hour away from us.) Tomorrow should be quite interesting.

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jendoop said...

So glad Pumpkin is doing well. Is there any chance at all that she now realizes that you care for her and that she's safe and well fed?

Dolly's toys look great. Glad she had a good birthday. I think her play with dolls is great for her, even therapeutic. A lot of kids in foster care experiment with ideas of parenting because they've seen such extremes.