Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'll find out more in November

Tons going on...but there's little to report.

Everyone is settling back into routine. Pumpkin has stopped crying. In fact, she's even started smiling. We're getting some mimicking and interaction. It's been pleasant.

Dolly and Dude have adjusted well. At first Pumpkin coming back was a bit of a trigger. Dolly would say, "my mommy bye bye" many times throughout the day. (Pumpkin was crying for her mom and it would upset Dolly.) But, since Pumpkin was only gone for 11 days, it wasn't too big of a transition for everyone when she came back. Emotionally it was draining for me. But all in all it was pretty easy.

The hardest part of fostering is not knowing AT ALL what is going to happen next! The case workers, supervisors and lawyers share little about what their plans are. I have to just sit back and wait. (and wait and wait and wait)

I emailed Amy (Pumpkin's CPS worker today) about the neurological appointment that Pumpkin has on Monday. I asked if she and Pumpkin's mom would be joining us. She responded by saying no. Pumpkin's mom won't be going along to any doctor appointments. This surprised me and has me wondering. What are they planning for Pumpkin and her mom next?! Court will be held again sometime in November.

Dolly and Dude's mom has been making lots and lots of poor decisions. I know very little overall. But I know enough to know that reunification is not going to happen unless there are multiple major miracles. There is a homestudy that has been completed on a grandma. Grandma passed if you will. But details there are somewhat vague and nobody is jumping for joy about sending Dolly and Dude to live with her. I have to wait until court in November to see what will happen next.

Our family has decided against any cross-country moves right now. Details about the job came to light and we decided it wouldn't be a good fit for us. We're going to stay put for at least six more months. I'm sure Mr. Amazing will have a hard time not looking at job postings for that long. But I begged him to hold off as I'm tired of the cross-country moving roller coaster.

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