Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I'm feeling just a little more nervous this time around 'cause Pumpkin's mom knows our address.

Not that I really think she'd do anything stupid.

But then again, I didn't think she had it in her to physically abuse Pumpkin either.


Anonymous said...

Prayers for protection and peace coming your way.

jendoop said...

The state we previously lived in told every parent the address of the foster parents, except in the most extreme cases. It made me very nervous!

They tried to calm me by saying that parents fall into two categories: they want their child back so much that they won't do anything to jeopardize it so they won't show up on your doorstep or, they don't care enough about their child to make the effort to go to your house. I tried to believe it but there are plenty of parents that fall in the middle and/or do non-nonsensical things when they're wasted.

They told me to call 911 if a parent ever showed up at my house, don't even open the door.