Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Pumpkin is NOT happy!!

She screamed. And screamed. And screamed. And then screamed some more during the intake process. Granted, it was good to hear some mimicking and language. But it also broke my heart.

I saw the bruise that was made when her mom pinched her at the doctor's office yesterday. It's on her chest. It had to have been a pretty hard pinch! I also noticed a few other suspicious scratches and bruises on her legs.

When I gave her a bath before putting her in bed, I saw even more weird scratches and bruises.

Granted, these aren't huge...my mom was beating me...kinds of bruises. But I know what Pumpkin's legs look like when she falls and gets a bruise. And this isn't right!

She also has some scratches on her shoulder blades. When she came into care the first time in January, there was deep tissue discoloration and scaring there. I took her to the ER to have her looked at because it looked suspicious to me then. I called the Hotline and reported it. Mom said that Pumpkin got a rash there and scratched herself. Nothing ever came of my concerns at that time.

During the 8 months Pumpkin was in my care I never saw her scratching her shoulders more than once. She never left marks on herself. (Not on her shoulders anyway. Pumpkin is a "picker" but it's usually only on things like mosquito bites or scratches that scab over.) However, Pumpkin currently  has two spots of scabs on her shoulder blades where it looks like she was scratching herself again.

I'm going to document all the marks on Pumpkin tomorrow. (I just put her in bed tonight so she could rest.) I think I'm even going to take pictures so I have them ready if necessary. I haven't decided if I'm going to contact CASA or her GAL right away. We'll be having court in about two weeks though and I think both parties need to hear what I think about the potential of physical abuse before we get there.

To add to the weird factor too...

Pumpkin had a drug that was to be used only for breakthrough seizures. The pills were individually sealed in blister packs. I sent 44 pills home with Pumpkin on the 2nd. CPS wanted Mom to have the pills in her home so that eventually a home health nurse (that was going to assist with caring for Pumpkin) could train Mom on the use of these pills.

Pumpkin's mom decided to pop almost all of the pills out of their blisters. It appears that she kept them all. But she told CPS that she wanted "to have them ready". Keeping in mind, CPS had told her NOT to use this drug. And I had told Mom that you only give one pill during a major seizure.

After discussing this with my genius sister, I'm thinking that maybe Mom wanted to try and sell them. Either that or she was going to take them herself? Or maybe give them to Pumpkin to make her sleep? Either way, it's a weird twist to the story. I've already disposed of the pills. I'm going to get a refill tomorrow so I can be sure the meds I have on hand are safe.

My house is drama filled again. I'll keep y'all posted.

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