Monday, September 19, 2011

They're squeezing us in

Tomorrow morning is going to be crazy!

The judge is squeezing Pumpkin's case in first thing. We have to be at the courthouse at 7:30AM. Honestly, it's pointless that we attend. Pumpkin is going to be a mess and will do nothing but cry for her mother. I'm quite confident I won't actually get to go into court. But...per the stupid laws where we live...we will be there.

Mr. Amazing is going to take the morning off to help deal with the other cherubs. I really don't want to send Dolly and Dude to daycare tomorrow. (They're going to have to go on Thursday when I have my dentist appointment.) And Cherubs 2 & 3 need to get dropped off at school at 7:30. Mr. Amazing will hold the fort down til I get back from court.

I'm more uncomfortable now about being around Pumpkin's mom. I'm not going to want to let Pumpkin sit on her lap or even go to her. I hope that there are case workers around to help guide this situation. It's not like I think Pumpkin's mom will hurt her in court. (I'm still reeling that she hurt her period!) But it's just too weird and I don't think she deserves to hold Pumpkin and be with her unsupervised. This is where I'm still awfully "green". The case workers aren't going to be phased by this at all. Me, I'm just going to want to protect Pumpkin. And I don't know what that will look like in a waiting room outside of court.

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