Friday, October 7, 2011

Crying in the corner

It's been one of those days.

I don't typically do "time out". Especially not with my foster kids. With Pumpkin it would be completely pointless. With Dude and Dolly it's hardly necessary. They're generally very easy to redirect. The only thing I don't allow is crying in the same room as the rest of everyone else. Therefore, if a kid feels the need to throw a fit, I direct them to the "Crying Room".

Said Crying Room is simply our guest bedroom. There are even toys in there. So really, it's hardly any kind of a punishment. They just have to stay in the room as long as they are crying. They are welcome to come back and join us as soon as the screaming has stopped.

This typically works quite well for me. However, I've run into problems when I've been unable to use the Crying Room. One time, while waiting at the repair shop for my vehicle I had to come up with another solution for (ridiculous) fits.

Cry In The Corner was born on that day. (It worked remarkably well by the way. I was amazed that Dude would just stay there until he was done crying and not fight to get out.)

Today my oldest son chose to do school (online high school) in the Crying Room.

Today was a day when I really needed the Crying Room.

I didn't want to kick Herman out though. So, Cry In The Corner it was.
Needless to say lunch was early. Nap time commenced promptly at Noon. And Mamma laid down on the couch for a break.

And yes, that's a rat tail. And yes, I hate it. And no, I'm not allowed to cut it off.


Tammy (aka. "Mimi") said...

I tell my former foster son the same thing. He's three and prone to temper tantrums. I just send him in the other room and tell him when he decides he wants to be a nice boy, I'll be more than happy to play with him. He usually goes willingly and comes back to me a few minutes later... all smiles... saying, "I want to be a nice boy now!" ;-)

MamaFoster said...

hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahha i KNEW you were going to say your weren't allowed to cute it!!! ugggghhh i would be dying to take the scissors to that!!!

Mama P said...

That's exactly the same thing we've done with our bioson...sending him to another place away from us and leaving the decision up to him. It's a good way to teach them self-regluation and responsibility for their own emotions.

I would totally have to accidentally get gum stuck in that nasty tail. Ick. I don't mind long hair, but I can't stand rat tails. At least you only have to look at it when he's in trouble, haha!