Monday, October 10, 2011

Excuse me?!

At a church picnic last night...

Nice man: "So, which kids are your real ones?"

Me: "Um...(insert uncomfortable pause) all my kids are real."

Nice man: "Um. Yeah. I mean...which ones are your biological kids."

Me: "Well, that doesn't apply to our family either."

Ya know, I'm aware conversations like this happen all over. But this was my first time. It made me just a little sick to my stomach.


MamaFoster said...

I love your response, "Well, that doesn't apply to use either."

I know these conversations are hurtful but i know people don't mean anything by it. i have actually said those horrible things before...WAY before.

i think what you said works perfectly for any of us :)

Mary said...


The Campbell's Journey said...

We had a man ask my husband what color his wife was (our two babies are extreme opposite in color and only 4 weeks apart in age). I wasn't there, apparently, and usually my husband has some kind of "witty" response to inappropriate questions, but that one left him speechless.