Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Home visit

I experienced another home visit with a CPS caseworker this afternoon. These are some of my least favorite parts of doing foster care. In sweeps a worker that acts like the children shouldn't be freaked out by their presence and thinks they know all about the kids.

This particular worker was different though. I'm not exactly sure where she falls on the food chain - but she was here to see Pumpkin. Only, it wasn't Pumpkin's usual worker. She said she's just helping out this month. She didn't even ask to see Pumpkin when she walked in the door. She hadn't read ANYTHING about Pumpkin's case before arriving at our doorstep.

I didn't care who the worker was. My only goal with this visit was to clarify something that was said in court when Pumpkin was reunified back in September. A lawyer that day told the judge Pumpkin has only mild MR (mental retardation). That bothered me immensely at the time. It's just not true. (According to Pumpkin's psychological evaluation she has severe MR and he even recommended ruling out "profound".) But because all parties wanted Pumpkin to be reunited in court that morning (me included), that particular detail didn't matter at the time.

Now though, I think it's important that the judge pay attention to ALL the details in the case. This judge needs to know that Pumpkin can't communicate to anyone about whether or not she's being abused.

Thankfully this worker took a lot of notes. She copied things from my files. She even sat down to talk to Pumpkin. As I pointed out that Pumpkin couldn't answer the things she was asking her, she reminded me that she has to have a specific conversation that she can document. It's all about the documentation.

My biggest beef with this afternoon was that the worker was an hour late. (I hate it when the workers mess up dinner time with my family!!!) She assured me that she's going to write up everything quite clearly and make sure that Pumpkin's file has all the necessary information documented. I have no idea what that will actually mean. But at least I know that I'm advocating for the truth. It's all up to the judge what he does with it.


MamaFoster said...

i hate there visits but at least sometimes it gives us a chance to someone we can pretend makes a difference :)

jendoop said...

It sounds like a good visit, even if it was inconvenient. You've done your part, you can sleep soundly tonight.

Mama P said...

Oh, I HATE when they are late. I don't care what a caseload is like or what's going on...unless there is an emergency situation going on they need to be on time. I am not allowed to be an hour late to family visits, that's for sure.

Hopefully she really will give a good unbiased evaluation so Pumpkin will be given the best chance.