Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm glad I waited

I haven't done anything about Pumpkin's incredibly absurd report card yet. I'm glad I waited. I received an appendix today from her speech pathologist.

Her goals in speech therapy are MUCH more realistic. For example, her first goal listed is: Verbalize 1-2 word utterances.
Objectives being used to reach this goal include:
-- Establish and maintain eye contact with others.
-- Imitate/produce single words expressing "all gone"
-- Imitate/produce single words expressing "more"
-- Imitate/produce single words expressing verbs "wanna"
-- Imitate/produce single words expressing prepositions (up, down, etc.)

At best the pathologist says that Pumpkin is "in progress" toward all of these goals. In fact, on the preposition objective Pumpkin is only making "slow progress".

No new teacher has been hired yet for Pumpkin's classroom. But I think I'm going to go in to the principal and ask to speak with her. I'm quite confident I'll be blown off. But I sure would like to know how a kid that can't consistently communicate with one word utterances is capable of understanding how English is written and printed.

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jendoop said...

Thank goodness! At least that can be a backup to prove that Pumpkin still has major issues.