Monday, October 31, 2011

Next Monday is going to suck

We have to be in the city Dude and Dolly are from at 11:00 next Monday. CPS wants them to get a visit with Mom before we have court that afternoon. Grandma is also going to be there. She is making Greyhound arrangements right now.

Court isn't until 1:30. And, due to how things work down here, we won't really have court for at least a couple hours after that. I'm going to have very nervous, very scared, very tired and very dysregulated children by the time court actually rolls around.

Grandma has been informed that this placement is likely to be permanent. She is OK with that.

CPS has assured me that the children will not go to Grandma's immediately after court. (Thank God for Greyhound.) As things stand right now, CPS will be flying the children over to Grandma's on Thursday or Friday next week.

Thankfully everyone has been considerate of my feelings. In fact, I think their CPS worker was crying on the other end of the phone today as I was talking with her. I personally waited to cry until about 10 minutes later as I was tucking the cherubs in for nap.

Emotionally I'm a wreck. But I'm not surprised. This is how The System works. I'm not even mad. Because...this is how The System works. Children do belong with their family. And I have to trust that this grandma is going to love them. It's not fair for me to assume that she isn't.

Oh yeah, I was also told that it is likely that Mom will be arrested once we get to court. That ought to be very interesting. (I was told they are trying to figure out a way to shelter the cherubs so they don't have to witness the actual arrest.)


Mitzy said...

Yep, next Monday is going to suck. You have been a good Mama and the system is a very hard system at times like these.

Praying for you to find strength, peace and sanity next week.

Mama P said...

:( I feel tears welling up just thinking about your Monday. Our Monday is the week after that, and while I am sad to see my babies go, I think they belong with their mom, and for whatever reason it is not hurting as bad this time around.

It seems like there are quite a few of our babies all reuniting with Biofamily within a few weeks of eachother!

I am praying already for the new crew of Cherubs, princesses, and Monkeys that might be on their way to our homes in the coming months.

MamaFoster said...

hang in there AND please be ready for the judge to do something nuts even though he probably won't.