Friday, November 4, 2011


Things I don't want to forget...

Our bedtime routine is pretty set in stone. First everyone brushes teeth. Then baths (if necessary) and jammies. The three littlest cherubs sit next to me while I read stories. Dolly and Dude love story time more than just about anything. They would let me read to them forever!

After stories everyone climbs in bed and I go around the room tucking everyone in. While I do this I sing. I always sing Jesus Loves Me. From there it's whatever strikes my fancy; but I've got a list of songs that they all seem to enjoy. (Pumpkin can even sing along with all three verses of God Is So Good. Which, by the way, is the kind of echolalia that doesn't bother me!!)

Then I pray over the children.

Last, I sing one more song – a somewhat personalized lullaby that I've been singing for 14 years to any child in my care.

After that, I kneel at each child's bed and talk with them for just a minute. Tonight Dude wanted to talk about my "shot".

Every seven weeks I have to see my rheumatologist to get an infusion that helps keep my psoriatic arthritis under control. Dude and Dolly went over to Daphne's house while I went to the doctor today. The infusion makes me rather sick so when they came back home I did little more than lay on the couch and bark orders to the older kids. (Thankfully the sickness wears off by the next day.) Anyway, Dude and Dolly were quite impressed with my bandaid. They kept asking me if I got a shot. To keep things simple, I answered, "yes".

Dude wanted to talk about it at bedtime tonight. He was very, very impressed when I told him I didn't cry. So as I was tucking him in he said again, "Mommy got shot. Mommy no cry."

I answered, "Yes. Mamma got a shot." (I try to always refer to myself as Mamma even though the kids call me Mommy. I feel it's important to differentiate myself from their mommy even if they can't.) Then I added, "And no, Mamma didn't cry. Mamma's a big girl."

Dude has quite the sense of humor. He looked up at me with the most innocent smile and the cutest dimples you can imagine and said, "Mamma grande niño." (Niño is Spanish for boy – and yes, he knew what he was saying!) Then he busted into a fit of giggles. The absolute best kind of giggles out there. I'm convinced nothing is better than a two year old in the middle of a fit of pure happiness.

He was so proud of himself. I cracked up and insisted that I'm a "grande niña" (big girl). It went back and forth for quite awhile. I had to eventually just kiss his nose and go about talking with the other two cherubs. Of course there was a case of Monkey See Monkey Do and I had to play the game with Dolly too.

I never want to forget the giggles. They are part of what makes all of this so worthwhile!

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