Monday, November 21, 2011


As you read through attachment blogs, many of them talk about hula hooping. It's an awesome activity for so many reasons!! Most of all, it's a fun way to connect with your kid. You're both doing your own thing, yet you're playing together! I also read a blog that made mention of the idea that many neglected kids have weak core muscles because they weren't held and bounced around as infants and toddlers so they didn't develop these muscles like a typical child. Hooping strengthens your core.

It is important to note that if you want to take up hooping I strongly recommend that you make your own hoop! Simply put, the ones you buy in the store aren't big enough. They are also very light which makes them harder to use.

If you make your own you can expect to pay about $30-$40 to make a whole slew of them. (I got 11 hoops out of my first batch – keeping in mind I made several for small children.) Cost varies depending on the size and PSI of the tubing you choose and whether or not you need to purchase a PVC pipe cutter.

My backyard is now full of hula hoops.

I'm not kidding. I think there are around 8 of them – all different sizes!

I decided that I prefer the 1" 100# PSI for me best. The 3/4" 100# PSI works well for my kids – though they can all keep up the 1" size too.

Of course Dude and Dolly each got their own hula hoops. They had no idea what they were but they wanted to be included and I wasn't about to leave them out.

A little over a week ago Dolly came running up to me while I was working in the kitchen. The conversation went something like this:

Mamma, mamma! I no go like this. (shaking hips from side to side)
I go like this!! (shaking hips from front to back)
Mamma! I hoop!!

She figured it out all on her own!!!

And yes, that is one head of hair. And yes, I'd like to cut a few inches off. (Four year olds shouldn't have to worry about getting their hair out of the way when they go to the bathroom.) And no, I'm not allow to trim even one hair on her head.


Acceptance with Joy said...

Awesome little hooper!!

I must have hooped for more than an hour yesterday.... stress-relieving for me when the kids are high-strung.

The twins haven't figured out how to do it, though. I'm impressed your girl.

pretty hair. But yes, it would still be pretty 4 inches shorter.

MamaFoster said...

very cute:) wow all that hair!!!!

Cheryl said...

Love it!!! =)

Vicky said...

I have friends that do Hulu hoop dancing as part of Belly Dancing. Here is one friend's blog about it with a video

I wish I could hoop but with my CP I dont do Os, it looks more like Ds :)

Vicky said...

Oh and everyone keeps saying my foster son needs a hair cut. From the way it's growing I don't think it's been cut before, but it's not in his eyes yet so I don't think it's a problem right now. *his parents already TPRed so I don't even know if I need permission...

Mama P said...

That is soooo precious!

I am so baffled at how many of you aren't allowed to cut your kids' hair! We can do pretty much anything our kids need done without permission or notification.

CandCFamily said...

We can do some things but you can't go drastic like cut all a boys hair off if his mom clearly wants him to have long hair. Hers is too long, a few inches so she doesn't get poop on it.