Friday, November 18, 2011

Looking for a few good...

Do you bring home the bacon...from home?

Do you do start your work day when the cherubs' heads hit their pillows...from your living room?

Do you balance the jobs of mother (sister, aunt, wife, etc.), housekeeper, chauffeur, doctor, counselor, etc. etc. and BUSINESS OWNER all from the confines of the address where you sleep?

Mama Foster wants to help!

She's putting together a networking group to help small businesses grow.

I am looking for moms who are working on building their small business, much like the etsy shop I mentioned here, that want to join me and other people trying to do the same thing to get your businesses some EXPOSURE! I want to network and probably use facebook to try to push these smaller businesses into the next level of success!

No money is involved. This isn't some strange scam of sorts. She really just wants to help promote some small businesses.

So if you run your own etsy shop, make your own adorable stuff that you sell, run a business that produces something people might give as a gift, ect. click on over to Mama Foster and leave her a comment. As we're moving in to the gift giving season, a little exposure for these types of businesses is a good, good thing. (Like they're saying all over the small this year. It's good for business!)