Monday, November 7, 2011

Three more months


Just. Wow!

Dude and Dolly will NOT be going to D*** to live with their grandma. CPS was unable to prove to their lawyer or to the judge that they would be in a safe place.

It's long. It's complicated. I have NO IDEA what is going to happen next. But I do know that court isn't scheduled again until February. I get to continue being their mamma for three more months.

Most importantly, the babies were sheltered from all the unnecessary drama of today. Mom was arrested after the hearing but the children and I stayed in the courtroom and didn't witness a thing.

The children are very tired. They are hungry but don't really want to eat. They are very, very aware that today was not a normal day. But they will get through this. They are loved and they are safe. And honestly, that's all that really matters to me.


MamaFoster said...

i am so glad you posted! that surprises me but i am so happy...who knows what this means. such big things getting arrested (not that that ended up meaning anything in Lizzy's case) and them not letting them go to gma', that crazy.

3 more months. it is always 3 more months around here too.

Mitzy said...

So glad that the littles have more time safe and sound with you!

Julie said...

So happy that it happened this way! They will have an awesome holiday season :) Yummy Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas with loads of presents and meaning and time to be happy and safe. SO SO happy for you and them!

Our Journey said...

I am so happy for you and the kiddos :) I am actually very surprised that they didn't go to always seems to go that way whether it's the right thing or not. Enjoy the next 3 months with "your" babies! We are on the 3 months plan too-lol!

jendoop said...

I thought the same thing as Julie, they'll get to be with you for the holidays! What great memories you'll build and more of a solid foundation of love and security for them. Sorry for the roller coaster for you though.

Mama P said...

AHHHH!!!! I have been SO scared to come on here and check all day, and now in the quiet, I finally came to a wonderful surprise. :)

Three more months of an impact on those sweet babies. Three months to burn even further into their sweet little impressionable minds how worthy they are to be loved by a mamma like you!


I am glad the tears I have right now are the good kind and not the "my heart aches for your heartache" kind.