Monday, December 5, 2011

Time Out

Prior to coming into care, my littlest cherubs probably hadn't been disciplined too much. (But honestly, they didn't need it. They're little and they are really easy to redirect!)

When they came back from three weeks of respite care (when we weren't allowed to bring them on vacation with us) they had added "time out" to their English vocabulary.

At our house we don't use time out much. I just separate the children if they are crying (so they don't have an audience for their fit). If I don't have a convenient place to move the child to, they have to stand in a corner until they are done crying.

It must be a rough day in pretend land though. At minimum, there are eight babies in various corners all over the house. And choruses of "time out" are echoing from the little cherubs mouths as they take care of their babies.

(They're nicer than I am...their babies get to look out from the corner.)

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MamaFoster said...

my kids have all done that too with their dolls. :)