Saturday, December 17, 2011

What the?!

I just got in from my mailbox. Addressed to Pumpkin is a lovely little postcard that reads,

"Do you know a Gifted Child? Then nominate your child for the Gifted and Talented Program"

It gives all the details about the nomination period. It even gives a great definition of what a "gifted and talented" student looks like.

What a slap on the face to the parents of a special needs child! Do they need a reminder sent to them that their child is anything but gifted and talented sent in the mail?! A little tact from the school district sure would have been nice. I'm sure they could have sorted the mailing list to avoid sending these postcards out to the entire school. (They knew enough to not send one to my child that is already in the GT program so they sorted their mailing list a little.)

Like I've said before, I've got it easier than a bio parent. I don't grieve all that Pumpkin is or isn't. But this sort of thing gets under my skin. Parenting a special needs child is not an easy task. My heart goes out to all the other parents of "special" kids that got this postcard in the mail.


schnitzelbank said...

Do you think it was sent in malice?

In all fairness to the school district, I am pretty sure they don't keep a database to "Sort by IQ," or "Exclude All Disabilities," or "Exclude all IEPs."

And I could also see parents getting all bent out of shape, "You EXCLUDED my Johnny from the GT program right off the bat, simply because he has special needs?! You'll be hearing from my lawyer!!"

CherubMamma said...

No, I don't think it was sent in malice. Just ignorance.

The school can leave the nomination period open and available to every single student in the school. But I do believe there is a better way to announce it than through a blanket direct mailing sent to every single student (except those already in the GT program).

* Announce the nomination period at the PTA meetings.

* Put it on the marquee in front of the school.

* Put the dates, times, places, etc. up on the school website.

* Send notes home with those children in the mainstream classrooms.

* Or better yet...send home a newsletter to all children about ALL the things going on in the school. Include the GT information there.

But I just don't think the children in the self-contained special needs classrooms should have postcards addressed to them and mailed out to their homes in regards to the gifted and talented program at the school.