Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dear Mr. Wonky

I don't really like you much Mr. Wonky. I certainly didn't appreciate your visit to my home today.

You showed up first thing when my teenager couldn't seem to drag himself out of bed for school this morning. Somehow, that was my fault you said.

Then, you popped in for a visit when I had to pick up Pumpkin from school for a dentist appointment. Maybe you were watching TV or something when I came. I don't really know. But I didn't appreciate the 20 minute scream-fest on the way to the dentist office at all.

After school you paid a visit to Cherub 3. He's been watching you intently for 7 years now and he's learned a thing or two from you. Those copy-cat behaviors sure are fun to deal with. At least you didn't feel the need to call me "Bitch Ass" again. (future blog post...I promise) (OK...maybe promise is a little strong. But I do promise to really try and get the Bitch Ass post written. It's priceless I tell you. Those copy-cat behaviors have kept me hopping lately!)

Then you tried on Cherub 2 for size again. That's your perfect fit. No matter what I said or did, you thought it would be a good idea to hang around and mess with him. Things got a little better when I called you by name. At least TT used some of his coping skills to make it through the evening without completely going bonkers. But homework didn't get done and the backpack isn't ready for school. I'm sure you'll make a visit first thing in the morning before we walk out the door.

Mr. Amazing is several hours away at a training session for work. I just love it when you show up when I'm doing the parenting thing all solo-like. Thanks gobs for the fun you gave me today.

I'm going to now drag my tired self into bed. Feel free to skip my house tomorrow if at all possible!

Cherub Mamma

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Mitzy said...

Beautifully written post. I hope today is a better day.