Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It just keeps getting better

I've got a knot in the pit of my stomach that I can't seem to shake today. I always get a bit worked up before court. It was so much easier when we were fostering in the Midwest. I got every single piece of court paperwork. I knew everything there was to know about the case. At least I guess I felt like I knew enough that it never bothered me. We didn't have to attend. I felt informed. All was good. Here...I have to actually attend court. And I have to bring the children. But I know nothing! I hate all the unknown. It's always so uncomfortable for me. It's unlike anything I've ever had to experience before.

With all that in mind...I'm trying to get through my day. I'm having a hard time staying focused though. I'm trying to pray but can't even seem to focus on that. I've sent out all my prayer requests in person, through this blog and on FB. It helps me a little when I know others are praying for me when I'm so scatterbrained that I can't do it well enough myself. But I'm still a mess.

And then I went to wake Dude and Dolly up from their naps. Dolly rolled out of bed and seemed tired but OK. I asked her if she wanted a hug. Somewhat halfheartedly she said yes and reached out for me. I wrapped my arms around her and sighed.

Just what we need in this family.

A sick kid.

Fever of 102°.

Normally this wouldn't freak me out at all. I'm a big believer in treat the level of discomfort not the number. However, I can't send a sick kid to daycare tomorrow. And I can't really bring a sick kid to a court hearing – especially a court hearing that isn't hers. And I can't be in two places at once.

I put a call in to our agency. I need to know if they have any options for me. The State makes it very difficult for me to get a babysitter. It either has to be a licensed facility or a human being that has had a full background check, training from our agency and a home inspection. My super-duper-awesome neighbor did that for me. But she starts her new job tomorrow. Besides, most people wouldn't want to babysit a sick kid anyway...even if I did have other options.

I highly doubt our agency will have a solution for me. I called Mr. Amazing at work to see if maybe, just maybe he could take some time off tomorrow if Dolly isn't feeling better. He just took vacation last week though. It's not in his best interests to miss more work. However, he said he could pull some strings if necessary and stay home with the cherubs.

Keep those prayers coming. I need 'em bad!!


MamaFoster said...

is it bad that I am not surprised? everything tends to hit the fan when important things are happening in these cases.

Mama P said...

Oh noooo! Im with MamaF...Im not surprised, but I have SO been there and it just makes your mind want to explode trying to figure it all out.

I would be there for you in a heartbeat if I could. :(