Tuesday, February 28, 2012

bullet point updates

  • My agency worker thinks the idea of us getting a lawyer is a good one. She's going to keep things quiet on her end though so as not to cause any complications if the wrong person found out. (Not that any "wrong person" exists in our agency. She's just extending this privacy as a courtesy to me.)
  • Jasmine is no longer going to be the caseworker for Dude and Dolly in a matter of two weeks. It's going to back to Minnie who handled their case when the cherubs came in to care. The children like Minnie a lot so that's a good thing.
  • Dude and Dolly's mom might get out of jail/rehab before the next hearing. This could complicate things for CPS if Mom doesn't want to sign the PMC paperwork and send the kids to Grandma.
  • Dude and Dolly's dad is out of jail. He hasn't been served yet. I'm not sure anyone knows where he is. Dad has major problems with heroine though. (And we want these cherubs to go live with his mom?!) No one has vetted out this situation to see if Dad will be having contact with his mom and as a result his children. Accckkkk!!!
  • Jasmine is going to set up phone calls between Dude, Dolly and Grandma. She said that she hasn't done this before because she questions what the children get out of it. But the lawyer made mention of the lack of relationship so she's going to start making the phone calls happen. Again I expressed my concern that SHE is having to do this at all. Why isn't Grandma trying to be involved in these cherubs' lives all on her own?!
  • I asked Jasmine if she really believed that Grandma lost her bus tickets before court two weeks ago. Jasmine insisted that she did. She said that Grandma was crying. I said that Great Grandma doesn't buy it for a second. I explained the situation as Great Grandma told it to me. Jasmine seemed surprised.
  • I then went on to tell Jasmine about Great Grandma's concerns with the children being placed in D*** with Grandma. Jasmine is going to make an appointment to talk about these concerns with Great Grandma. I do hope she follows through with this. Somehow we have to stop this train from heading on to D***.
  • I discretely asked Jasmine what would have to happen for the State to consider us for PMC. I did this somewhat innocently to judge her reaction. Her response was neutral. She said it wouldn't upset CPS or complicate things. At least not really. She said we'd have to get our own lawyer. Then she said when all is said and done the kids would end up at Grandma's house anyway. That's just how the system works.
  • While all of this was happening I got a referral to a lawyer from our pastor via a text on my phone. (As soon as Jasmine left I called the law firm and left a message.)
  • The last thing Jasmine told me before she left was that Minnie (Dude and Dolly's new/old worker) thinks we are too attached to the children. She understands that the kids become a part of our family – that's just how we do things. But Minnie has concerns.

This is probably going to get very, very messy.


Acceptance with Joy said...

It sounds like you are headed for messy... but the kiddos are so worth it. I hope it goes smoother than you expect. :-)

MamaFoster said...

Be careful about that lady that says you are too attached...not a good sign

Mama P said...

*Sigh* That "too attached" phrase. It makes me want to knock a worker out.

:( I don't even know what to say because my stomach is in knots. I wish we could all come over for coffee in the mornings and pray with you!

Many many many big hugs!

Mie said...

I am so frustrated for you. I just don't understand the system at times. It is quite frustrating to have so many people not agree with the plan but then have them all say they can't do anything about it.

Sister friend it seems time to let go or take things in your own hands :)