Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I called the laywer

I ended up calling Dude & Dolly's lawyer.

I want their transition to Grandma's house to go as good as possible. Somehow, sending them off with a social worker they barely know and one that is a total stranger just doesn't sound like a good idea. These little ones have never flown on a plane. They will be leaving all they have known for eight months. I know that doesn't sound like a lot. But to them, it really is! They have had stability, love and safety for the last eight months. The least they deserve is a smooth transition to their new home. It's going to be very scary for them.

Jasmine (their CPS worker) told me that the only way they would really be allowed to let me help with the transition is if the judge makes it a court order. She recommended that I speak with their lawyer and make sure to mention this before court. She agrees that it would be best for all involved if I went to D*** and helped the children through the initial transition. But she knows that her supervisor won't allow it unless a judge makes it so.

I didn't want to trust that the lawyer would say anything if she's presented with this information just minutes before court. So, I called today.

I got in contact with a very nice person in the office. (Of course the lawyer was in court.) The office lady assured me that she would pass my message on to the lawyer and then someone would call me back.

Since I had her captive ear, I also expressed my concern over the lack of relationship with this grandma they are going to. I made sure to let her know that my concern is separate from my willingness to help with the transport and transition to Grandma. I'm not going to try and push any of my own agenda or complicate things. I truly want to do what is best for the children! But I thought it was important for their lawyer to know about the lack of involvement. I've seen the lawyers present things to the judge that are completely untrue simply because a situation was blown out of proportion. (ie. I heard a lawyer say that Pumpkin wanted to go back home. This suit and tie had NEVER spent ANY time with Pumpkin. And...remember...Pumpkin can't talk. How on earth would he know what Pumpkin wanted or didn't want?!) I really want Dude & Dolly's lawyer to know the full story. I know that in the end a blood tie trumps all. But I don't want this being painted as some beautiful reunion!!

So now I sit waiting for a response. This is probably good for me. I'm one of those people that rehearses difficult situations over and over (and over and over) in my mind. I've already had "the conversation" with the lawyer in my head at least four dozen times. I'm hoping now I can let it go. I do hope she calls me back. I really want to know that I've been heard.


MamaFoster said...

good. that really is all u can do

Mitzy said...

I hope she calls back too!

G said...

So, did the lawyer call you back?

CherubMamma said...

No. The lawyer hasn't called back. I called again yesterday (Thursday). I spoke with the same nice lady on the phone as I did on Monday. She assured me that she had passed on my message. She said she'd say something to the lawyer again.

I'm not holding my breath that I'll hear anything at this point. It sure would be nice to know if the lawyer was going to support me in my efforts to make this transition a healthy one for the kids. I'm keeping my calendar free but I doubt that I'm going to get to go.