Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is this week over yet?!

Monday = court = stress for everyone

Tuesday = Valentine's Day = stress for Cherub 2 (This was the first time I was aware of this holiday triggering my adopted child. Yesterday was not an easy day for him. Mr. Wonky came to visit!!)

Wednesday = 2nd grade program at school = even more stress for Cherub 2


I got a therapeutic work-out last night. I did OK for part of it. But then again...I retreated into our guest bedroom and bawled my eyes out for part of it too. It was one of those obnoxious shaky cries that scares grown men. (What's wrong with the woman...she's leaking...I can't fix her...kind of cries.)

I can't wait for this week to be over!!

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Tobi said...

I'm with you, Friend! I put my boy on a long airplane ride to Basic this morning and waited until I was home to scare my husband! One big hug for you and a prayer for time to fast-forward a bit to the weekend! : )