Friday, February 10, 2012

The lawyer called me back

Summary: No one thinks that these young children should go to Grandma. Not their CPS worker. Not our agency worker. Certainly not me. And now...even their lawyer questions if it's in their best interests.

However, CPS is still filing paperwork that they want the children moved half-way across the state to go live with Grandma. My agency worker is here to support me but can do nothing legally right now. I have advocated for the children but there's little else I can do. It's all up to the lawyer and the judge.

The lawyer says she's going to sleep on it....pray on it even. She says she hopes she has an epiphany over the weekend and figures out how to best present this case to the court on Monday.

Me, I just hope they don't drag it out if all they're going to do is end up sending the children to Grandma anyway.

I did say that in the land of rainbows and unicorns I'd love for there to be an open adoption. Grandma could stay "Grandma" and be very involved in our lives. But I would be Dude and Dolly's mommy forever.

But alas, that is only in the land of rainbows and unicorns where hopefully kids aren't being abused and neglected to begin with.

I guess there's a small, small, super tiny chance that they will argue for the kids to not be moved to Grandma's house. Legally though, everything looks good on paper. And paperwork is how this System operates. There's no way to really quantify if Grandma loves these children or truly wants to take care of them. And since she's "blood", she trumps all.

I now have NO IDEA what is going to happen on Monday though. The lawyer was quite flustered. She doesn't like the idea of very small children going to live with someone who doesn't appear to be vested in their lives at all. I literally told her that I hope she does have an epiphany and that she figures out a viable solution to this mess. I told her I pray that the judge listens and rules with wisdom. And all in all, I pray that whatever happens truly is in the best interests of the children!


One Blessed Mom said...

I will be praying for you and these kids all weekend. Keep us posted. ((hugs))

MamaFoster said...


G said...

Praying here, too. But I'm glad you got to speak to the lawyer and at least get the idea in her head that what looks good on paper may not be in the best interests of the children!

Mie said...

Have you considered intervening? Since you've had them for 6 months you can intervene. It used to be 12 months but was changed in 2011. It might be worth considering.

I hope you get it figured out soon. I know waiting in limbo is so hard.