Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I talked to my agency worker, Rainbow, about intervening in the case with Dolly and Dude as soon as we got out of court yesterday. Mei had sent me some very good information about it. (See the comments in this post.)

Rainbow said that she would talk things over with her supervisor. She said that she knew nothing of this process. As it seems, the director of our agency is unfamiliar with intervening as well.

The director indicated to Rainbow that we should consider trying to get PMC (permanent managing conservatorship) of Dude and Dolly. The director seems to think that "intervening" goes against what CPS is trying to pursue right now. That's not exactly how I understand intervening. But the director thinks that since they are not moving towards termination at all right now, PMC is the only real alternative.

No one has spoken with the CPS caseworker, Jasmine, yet. The lawyer hasn't returned my phone call yet. No one knows what really happened in court yesterday except those two.

Maybe PMC is all that we could gain if we hired a lawyer and officially intervened in this case. I was told by the lawyer herself that this judge doesn't like to terminate rights. As of Friday, she too was not in favor of moving towards a termination trial.

Can anyone else tell me what PMC looks like? Rainbow couldn't answer any of my harder questions. If we had PMC, I do know that Mom would be able to come back at any time and try to fight for her kids. We would always have that hanging over our heads.

But, on the flip side, the kids would be out of foster care. I wouldn't have to get permission from anyone if I wanted to leave the county. If we stopped doing foster care I could go back to a "normal" life. But could I move the children out of state if my husband got a new job? Would the children go on our health insurance or would they still qualify for Medicaid?

It looks like I might get to learn a little bit more about the legal system. What do you know about PMC?

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Mie said...

PMC - Permanent Managing Conservatorship is the alternative to adoption. It is a permanent "end" to the CPS case with or without terminating rights. Essentially it makes someone the permanent guardian without going the final step of adoption. Even when rights are terminated, sometimes people will do PMC instead of adoption. Often that happens in kinship situations. Maybe they don't want to adopt because it will cause family problems but PMC is a good permanent option.

Yes, with PMC, parents can come back at "anytime" to fight for custody. Then again, so can you. If you have PMC, after 12 months you can petition the court to terminate rights (on your own, without CPS involvement) if you want to do that and want to adopt the kiddos, so it might actually work in your favor.

In Texas there is support available with PMC similar to that of adoption subsidy but honestly I'm not that familiar with it. If you search it on dfps website about adoption you can find more information. I usually just go through minimum standards and Texas law myself to figure it all out. Then again, I don't have an agency to go through.