Monday, March 19, 2012

The Aunt and Uncle

Pumpkin's aunt and uncle drove ALL DAY yesterday just to come and see Pumpkin for a couple hours this morning. They live half-way across the state from us. And, in order for the judge to see that they are dedicated to truly caring for Pumpkin, a visit was incredibly important. Court is coming up April 3 and we are hoping that Pumpkin can be moved to live with them permanently. The uncle wasn't granted any time off during Spring Break when this visit was originally going to take place. But when I explained to him that contact was necessary prior to court, he said that they would drive down for a quick visit over his weekend off. (It is a minimum of a 13 hour drive one way!) Instantly I was impressed with his level of dedication.

The visit today wasn't "for" Pumpkin though. Pumpkin doesn't understand relationship. I'm not sure she recognized these people when they came to my home this morning. All Pumpkin knew was that I took my other kids to school and dropped them off and then brought her back home. She was quite confused in general.

The purpose of today's visit was so that this aunt and uncle could see Pumpkin. (Until today, I wasn't completely sure if CPS had been fully honest with them about Pumpkin's level of disability.) The visit was also so someone involved in her case could determine for sure if this aunt and uncle are able to care for Pumpkin. Honestly, I'm surprised that everyone was OK with me supervising this visit and making the recommendation when all is said and done. I guess they must trust me a little bit after all. (Either that or it's easier for me to do the work. LOL)

I was impressed. Very impressed.

Pumpkin's aunt and uncle have known Pumpkin all her life. Granted, they didn't have regular contact – only a couple times a year if that. But they know her circumstances. They seem to understand her limitations.

They asked good questions. And even better, they listened to my answers.

All I have to do now is type up a detailed email about the visit and submit it to Pumpkin's caseworker. I'm probably going to contact Pumpkin's GAL as well so that everyone can be in the loop. I do hope that the powers that be are able to make this happen at the next court hearing. Pumpkin deserves a forever family that is committed to her completely. She deserves to move on and get out of foster care.

I guess this aunt and uncle have been in contact with CPS for over a year now – ever since Pumpkin came in to care the first time. I find it horribly unfortunate that The System has to move so slowly. But the home study has been done. The home study has been approved. It's just up to the judge.

April 3 will be here soon.


The Author said...

Wow! Seems it all went well! Hope the judge decides the same :)

All so simple and complicated at the same time...

Cheryl said...

That is fantastic! So happy for Pumpkin & you!

Sunday Taylor said...

Fingers crossed.

Trauma Mama T said...

So glad they listened to you. I hope they carry through on what you taught them and keep on learning. Praying for pumpkin, for you, and for aunt and uncle.

jendoop said...

Great news all around!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for continued confidence and peace.