Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dear Nurse Lady,

You were there the first time I brought my kids in to the doctor. You were kind and supportive of me. Thank you for that.

You've been there at so many of the appointments we've had since my kids came in to Care. You've watched them grow and blossom. You have seen them become less fearful. You've watched them learn English. I love the way you light up when they come in to the room. You are so nice to my kids.

However Nurse Lady -- you crossed a line today! In the future, do NOT tease my 3yo and tell him that you want him to come home with you!!! Do not tell him how cute he is and that you just want to keep him. Do not ask his sister if it's OK if her brother comes home with you!

What were you thinking?!

Did you forget how these children came to live with me?!

Your comments were just plain cruel!

I hope you actually heard me when I asked you to not play with my child that way. I was so angry that when you asked me what I said I didn't have the ability to repeat myself. Next time I won't be so shy. I will make sure you understand how incredibly inappropriate your comments were!!!

Dear Nurse Lady, don't cross me again. I'll go Mamma Bear all over you and it won't be pretty. Next time think a little before you tease any child about something like that. Not every kid you come in to contact every day has a stable home life and can see past what you're saying to know that you are teasing. It's NOT OK. And as a nurse, you should know better!

There had better not be a next time.
Thank you.
~ Cherub Mamma


Trauma Mama T said...

Oh, PLEASE, PLEASE tell her why and tell the doctor, too. They need to be aware. Hopefully, it won't happy to another kid with a hurt past.

I'm so sorry you and little man had to endure this.

Medkid said...

Mmm agree with Trauma Mama T. I have to be honest with you this is not something we learn in medical school. I mention "reactive attachment disorder" to my MD colleagues and they go "eh?!". The nurse likely had no idea that this would be hugely triggering to your littles. Sorry you had such a rough experience. :(

sheldonanddenise said...

This has happened to our family too. Really..... what are they thinking. Even though both of my boys are adopted, there is still that question in their minds if this would be a possibility to be taken home by the nurse or any other person. My youngest doesn't even like it when family members kid around about this. I HATE it when other people can put insecurities in my childrens hearts :o(

Mama P said...

I hate when people do that. My Little Star's teacher joked with him that she was taking him home the other day. Luckily, he's an awesome little dude and he looked at her and said "No you not. I go with Mama and Peanut and Snugglebuggle and Buh-der(TeddyBear)." He was confident in his answer and it made me sooo proud.

What I hate more than all of this are mothers who joke that they are going to "send you away" to their children. THAT, my friends, is not something to joke about.

Anonymous said...

I think people just don't think. They are innocently teasing a child -- not using their brain--- just doing the first thing that comes to them....
This happened to us about a week after our daughters moved in with us. They were fragile. Scared. We had bible study at our house--a couple that spoke Spanish (our daughters had only been speaking English for about 4 months)..started speaking Spanish to them (I didn't understand one word--it made me so uncomfortable)... and then they literally picked them up and pretended they were taking them home. It was over the top.... one of our daughters started crying.. another wanted to go! CHAOS! Then they left....laughing and left us with the turmoil! It was not fun.