Thursday, March 8, 2012

Email blogger comments

Is it just me -- or is the option to have further comments sent via email gone off of Blogger blogs?

Often, when I leave a comment, I like to have all future comments sent to my email in case it becomes something of a conversation. I don't always remember to go back to old blog posts to look and see what the new comments are.

I'm not finding this option anymore tho when I leave a comment. Is this happening to anyone else?


The Author said...

I can't find it either. I loved having them sent to my email too so that I could follow along with what everyone else is saying. Now that I don't get the emails I forget that I even left a comment!

Tobi said...

YES! I've been frustrated a few weeks now about this. I opened up all comments to be w/out moderation and I think that's when the email comments stopped...if you figure it out, email me! : ) HA!