Saturday, March 31, 2012

Grandma wants to see them

Deborah finally got in touch with Dude and Dolly's Grandma in D***. It seems Grandma now wants to see the children. A visit is on the schedule for this Friday the 6th at 10:00am.

My cherubs were supposed to see their maternal great-grandma on Wednesday. Deborah has to reschedule that one because of commitments on her end. She wants to reschedule that visit for Friday as well.

If indeed my cherubs do have to have two separate visits on Friday – that day will suck! There will be no nap. They probably won't eat. There's nothing to do during the visit. I'll bring toys of course. But they will be nervous and out of sorts no matter what I bring. I'm so not looking forward to it!

I was quite up front with Deborah. I asked her outright if she thinks this visit will be enough to "count" as contact with the kids. I told her I want to know if there's no chance of us being granted PMC so I can prepare my heart for that.

Deborah is awesome. She answered me. I knew what the answer would be. I'm no dummy. Of course all she could tell me is that she doesn't know. But she did tell me that she is going to supervise the visit with Grandma. And she did tell Grandma that she's concerned because of the lack of contact since our court date back in February.

Grandma claims she tried to contact Jasmine several times but couldn't reach her.

Personally, I think that's bull. This Grandma has not been interested in these kids since they came in to care.

I guess we'll see what happens Friday.


Carrie said...

Wow, Friday will be a really big day. Sending prayers for peace.

MamaFoster said...

Oh yuck

Jennifer said...

That means Grandma will actually have to show up, right? And she will have to travel to where you are?