Monday, April 30, 2012


8:54AM - CPS supervisor tried to call one cell in our home. My oldest had the phone and no one heard it ring.

9:05AM - CPS supervisor called again.

9:44AM - CPS supervisor called yet again. This time she left a voice mail. (After all, it is the last day of the month and every kid is supposed to be seen once per month and the worker over Dude & Dolly's case has been MIA all month long.)

10:20AM - My oldest checked the voice mail and called me on my cell to tell me that Rebeca (CPS supervisor) had called. I was on my way to a neuro appointment with Pumpkin so I called Rebeca back and told her to call me on the other number.

12:30PM - Rebeca called in again. NOT on the number I told her to call on in my voice mail. But, I happened to have the other phone close so I didn't miss this call. And yes, Rebeca wanted to stop by and see Dude and Dolly. It seems she's carrying part of the caseload (at least the home visit part) of some of the MIA worker's cases.

I had to tell Rebeca that Dude and Dolly were in day care. I had just gotten home from the neurologist and then the eye doctor. I was going to let Dude and Dolly nap at day care. Then, after I dropped Pumpkin off for her family visit at 3:00, I was going to pick up the babies.

When Rebeca found out she couldn't come at 2:30, she asked about 5:00. I laughed and had to say no because that was when I had to pick up Pumpkin from her family visit. Rebeca tossed out 7:00 or 7:30. Again I said no, that's too close to bed time. So...we agreed on 5:30.

I've been doing this long enough that I didn't really expect to see Rebeca at 5:30. In fact, I went ahead and made dinner to be served right at that time. Sure enough, at 5:40 Rebeca called to say that she was running late. She'd be to my home at 7:00. I got an apology. But really...what could I do?! They have to come and I have to accommodate.

We ate dinner. I started baths early. By 7:00PM all three of the littlest cherubs were up in their room looking at books. I was bitter. I was angry. I hate having my life open to "their" beck and call. Besides, this Rebeca is the worker that has totally blown of this case since the beginning. She was the LAST person I wanted to grace my threshold. What could she possibly say to me?! What would I say to her?!

7:10PM Rebeca showed. She was smiling and we made pleasantries. She sat down at the kitchen table and we got to business right away.

I cut to the chase almost immediately. I gave her my take on this case in about 45 seconds. The kids don't want to go to Grandma's house. The kids want to stay here. We want the kids to stay here. And Grandma has been out of the picture since the kids came in to Care so really...does she want them?! Can she raise them?! Will they be safe?!

I figured she would cut me off at the knees. I was ready for it. My heart was prepared.

Instead...Rebeca surprised me. She really surprised me!

It seems that she and Deborah  had discussed this case in detail. Rebeca admitted that this case has been on "pause" for months. She took responsibility for that. Then she said that she doesn't like the idea of the kids going to Grandma's house either. My jaw dropped.

Now before I go doing a happy adoption dance, everyone has to acknowledge that Grandma did pass a home study. So, the judge could very easily say, "send 'em to Grandma's!"

However, Rebeca told me that the kids' lawyer doesn't want the babies to go to Grandma's. I know this. But I wasn't sure how open the lawyer had been with the rest of the State. So here we are again at a place where every single player in the game doesn't think it's a good idea for the children to leave our home.

Rebeca said it though. If the kids don't go to Grandma's this time the State is going to pursue non-relative adoption. She said the word "termination". I made sure she knew that we would be willing to do an open adoption. I even saw her write those words down in her notes.

From there we went upstairs to where the three youngest cherubs were waiting. Rebeca talked and played with the babies. Rebeca talked and played with Pumpkin. (Rebeca has been the supervisor over Pumpkin's case for all but a couple months -- and starting in June - I think - she's going to be supervisor over Pumpkin's case again.) We spent almost half an hour talking with the kids and going over details in both cases. Rebeca is going to take some of the information I gave her about Pumpkin back to Deborah. No one wants Pumpkin to go back home to Mom either.

I've been told to make sure that Dolly keeps her therapy appointments. Rebeca agreed with my understanding that the kids' lawyer will only argue for what the kids want. So, if we want the lawyer to say they need to stay in our home, that's what the kids have to tell the lawyer they want. It disgusts me that young children are put in this place. But it is what it is. I will continue to validate things if Dude and Dolly say they want to go to their grandma's. However, if they say they want to stay with us, I'm going to tell them to make sure they say this to everyone (the therapist, the social workers and the lawyer).

I know that everything is totally up to the judge. Anything could happen. The kids could be sent across the state to Grandma's house. We could be granted PMC. Or they keep treading water and the kids could stay in foster care when...hopefully anyway...the State would begin to pursue termination.

I'm NOT getting my hopes up. But I am going to pray that I don't go completely crazy the next two weeks. Just 14 days from now my post will contain life changing information no matter what. I'll let y'all know what happens.

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Praying for you and your cherubs.