Friday, April 13, 2012

Checking in

I've been busy lately. I've got several blog posts swirling around in my head. I'll do my best to write a few of them out when I can get a chance. For now though...

• The babies' visit went OK enough with maternal great-grandma (and the rest of the town they used to live in that decided to show up). The children were shy and nervous because of the extreme number of people that showed up. But CPS did a good job of limiting their time together and it didn't seem to leave a lasting effect on the cherubs.

• Along with the visit the cherubs had with great-grandma -- Grandma from D*** also came down to see the kids. This visit was a little stickier and has resulted in confusion from the babies. But we're getting through things OK.

• Pumpkin had her annual psychological evaluation. It was interesting.

• Pumpkin had her annual ARD meeting. It was horrific and I didn't get anything that I needed added to her safety plan at school

• My parents are here for a visit. I love it when they come!!

• I found out that what started out as a harmless investigation for things that were completely out of my control has turned into a witch hunt against me. Apparently someone told someone that Pumpkin is afraid of me. They are digging deep to see what they can find out. I've already had Pumpkin's drop-in day care tell me they were mortified that CPS would think anything negative about me and told the investigator how dedicated I am to the children and how much the kids love me.
The investigator also contacted Pumpkin's private therapists. Her speech therapist wasn't aware the questioning was part of an investigation. She caught me yesterday after Dolly's speech therapy session to tell me some other things about Pumpkin. In passing she told me she had also recently spoken with CPS. She told them "how wonderful" I am for the kids.
I'd really love to know who in my circle of contacts has this negative opinion of me and how I treat Pumpkin. I hope I get a chance to defend myself against these accusations. Mr. Amazing was questioned today. He's the one that told me the tides have turned and they are investigating me fully now and it's not just a paperwork necessity due to the minor issue.

• I'm really tired of The System!


Medkid said...

Ay yai yai that's so horrific I'm sorry to hear that. :( Eesh.

Mama P said...

All that just makes me want to cry with/for you. :( I've been praying for you.

MamaFoster said...

please forgive me...but that is all total shit.

i hope that is over with soon AND that you find out who started it.

Carrie said...

Glad you checked in. I was worried about your investigation. Sorry to hear that it is dragging on and getting more serious.