Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lousy Solution to the Therapy Nightmare

I had the pleasure of sitting in the waiting room for one hour this morning while Miss Dolly attended her speech therapy session. I brought a sack of toys to entertain Dude. I brought some breakfast for me.

I spent most of the hour conversing with the director of the facility.

This whole Medicaid thing is a disaster!

It's affecting so many, many families. The director asked me if I saw the local news last night. When I said no, she took me back to her office to watch a clip online where they interviewed a mom who works full time outside of the home. Her little guy needs services and therapy used to pick him up at day care. Starting Monday she has to choose between therapy services for her toddler or working for her family.

What kind of a choice is that?! Don't we want those utilizing Medicaid services to get a job? Get on their feet? Eventually stop needing the government assistance? This woman chose her job. Good for her – bad for her kid!

I dug my heels in hard. I told all those involved in Pumpkin's case that I CANNOT attend her therapies. Bluebell (CPS) blew me off. Rainbow (licensing agency) told me to go ahead and cancel services for now.

I've been told by Lutheran (the therapy provider) that they have lawyers fighting these Medicaid changes. This is a state-wide issue and many professionals are complaining about the change. It's going to cause a ripple effect. Kids stop going to therapy. Therapy places have to fire people. More people are out of a job. More people rely on government assistance. etc. etc. I'm hoping that when it is reported how many children are dropping out of much-needed services that there will be a legal change.

Until that happens though, Pumpkin will only receive what she's entitled to through the school system. I feel horrible about this. But I don't feel like I can do anything differently for the sake of the rest of my children and my job.

Rainbow says that she will tell Bluebell. From there, we'll wait to see what happens. Worst case scenario is that CPS will say that Pumpkin has to be moved from my home into one that will accommodate these private therapy sessions.

I'm hoping that the situation doesn't come to that. More than anything I'm hoping that the powers that be can get Pumpkin placed with her loving aunt and uncle when we go to court next (in four weeks). Oh, but wait...that would require a lawyer to do her job. To actually build a case against bio-mom. And from the fallout of our last court session, it seems I'm the only person with the information that can help build that case. And that would mean that maybe...just maybe...the lawyer would want to contact me to go over things. But no. They set up a meeting, broke said meeting and never called me back.

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Meg0422 said...

Is the therapy place going to send out questionnaires or follow-up on cancellations to find out why? It would provide hard numbers to lawmakers.

Can you press for addressing the judge yourself on issues that the lawyer is ignorant about?