Thursday, April 26, 2012

Medicaid/HHSC changes affecting economy

I sat in the waiting room again this morning while Dolly was in speech therapy. For the time being I will continue to do this because I CAN entertain one child for one hour a week while Dolly receives services. Unfortunately, I CANNOT entertain 2-4 children for up to three hours two to three times a week while Pumpkin gets hers.

Again while waiting I discussed these new laws with the woman in charge of the small therapy clinic my kid(s) attend. Due to the changes in the Medicaid transportation laws that require a parent or guardian be on board if Medicaid is transporting to or from a medical appointment – and the Health & Human Services Commission (HHSC) requirement that a parent or guardian attend each and every therapy, children all over our part of the country are being pulled out of their therapeutic services. I'm not the only parent that said they can't attend their kid's therapies.

Already, Lutheran (the therapeutic facility) has had to fire nine people. They've also had to reduce the hours of several different employees. If children keep dropping out of therapy they may have to close a few days a week or let go of more employees. The director told me that she's heard of other clinics that are paying their staff on a daily per-case basis. Meaning, if a child is a no-show for any reason, the therapist won't get paid. Some therapists are employed as on-call staff only.

It's going to have a ripple effect that is going to cost our part of the country millions of dollars. It's so unfortunate.

Lawyers have been hired. Press conferences are happening regularly. People are taking this up the food chain legally. But honestly, I don't trust Texas to do the right thing here. It's very sad.

I've got to make some major decisions about Pumpkin too. I think I'm going to have to have her attend therapy once or twice over the next few weeks in order to keep her paperwork current. Pumpkin's mom does not have a full-time job. She does have the ability to sit in the waiting room while Pumpkin receives services. And I'm afraid if Pumpkin is out of her therapies when she goes home to Mom, it would be detrimental on many levels. Not only would Pumpkin be out of our therapeutic environment at home. But I really want those three professionals assessing Pumpkin daily for signs of abuse. They've known Pumpkin for over a year and I trust each one of Pumpkin's therapists to raise a red flag immediately if things weren't right.

I'm still hoping the laws can get changed quickly and Pumpkin can get back in therapies like she was before. If they don't, I will do what is necessary to make sure she stays in a therapeutic environment. Even if that means I have to sit in a waiting room to make it happen.

Oh yeah, I've called the lawyer's office again. I'm waiting to get a call back. I'm going to call every single day until I get to speak to Pumpkin's GAL. Someone has to explain to me what they are doing to build a case against Pumpkin's mom. Either that or someone has to explain to me how Pumpkin is going to be safe if she goes back home!

Thank you to those that commented on yesterday's post. I was feeling quite down. But between your comments, and those made to me at Bible study last night, I've been refreshed. I have the POWER of Christ in me. And because of that I can move mountains!! I'm going to continue to pray over my children and I'm not going to be defeated by the lies the enemy is throwing my way. Even if we are a family of only five in a month, that does not mean that God abandoned the cherubs I cared for as my own. It simply means that His plan was not my plan. I will continue to believe. I will continue to hope. I will continue to trust in God.

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