Saturday, April 28, 2012

Something to look forward to

It's been a pretty average week. I haven't been given any encouraging news about either of the cases in our home right now. The lawyer (GAL) called me back about Pumpkin. She and Pumpkin's attorney ad litem still want to schedule a meeting with me. They say they want to make a case against Pumpkin's mom. However, the GAL spent the entire phone conversation literally saying, "the judge is probably going to send Pumpkin home". She proceeded to give me multiple cases she brought before the judge just this week where he ruled in a completely bassackwards way. A shaken baby case where no charges were filed by the mom against the dad and the judge sent the baby home to mom anyway. A case where the parents were in direct violation of court orders and went to see their kids anyway - so the judge went ahead and gave them unsupervised visits. Things that just don't make sense. (I'm starting to wonder if this judge doesn't suffer from mental illness.)

Pumpkin's case worker made her last-minute appointment to swing by yesterday for her monthly home visit. She too had nothing positive to say. She took good notes that I know she will give to the lawyers. She added to the craziness though and gave more examples of off-the-wall things the judge did this week.

It's so hard to think positively when everyone in The System points a finger to the nutcase at the top of the totem pole.

Dude and Dolly's new worker hasn't made her appearance known yet. So much for their monthly visit – unless of course I get a last-minute plea to come by on Monday. Rainbow (our agency worker) told me that the new (invisible) worker did respond to an email of hers though. I guess she just said that nothing has changed in the case. << oh joy >>

Oh yeah, Bluebell is going to be off Pumpkin's case in a month. Things are getting shifted around again. It's no wonder these kids don't get out of foster care in a timely fashion. Continuity of staff sure would help.

Even though court is just around the corner...I do have something to look forward to! And oh...I am looking forward to it!!

On Wednesday of this coming week I'm going to leave all six children in the capable hands of Mr. Amazing. I'm going to get in the car and drive north for about four hours. I'm then going to check in to a hotel ALL. BY. MYSELF.

It's gets even better though. On Thursday morning, I don't have to wake up. That's right – I get to sleep in as long as I want!! Alone. Without children. (ah...sweet bliss)

Around noon I'm planning a stroll along the Riverwalk. I envision finding a nice little cafe and ordering myself some funky sandwich. I'm going to sit...alone...and enjoy it. I'll probably find a magazine or book to read and I'll just sit...alone...and enjoy my time.

Later on in the afternoon I'm going to gather up a box of samples of the work that I do and head on over to the conference room at another hotel. I'm going to rub elbows with guys I've been working with for years but have never gotten to meet in person. I'm going to be dressed up with makeup and everything. There will be cocktails. There will be food. And hopefully there will be a few new sales. After I spend a few hours discussing grown-up topics that don't involve children, special needs or fostering, I'm going to retire to my hotel room.

I will once again sleep. No diapers to change. No children to chase to bed. I am going to relax.

I'm not going to rush on Friday. After a quiet morning I will get back in my car and drive South. I will get home before the cherubs are finished with school. I will listen to Dolly give me a play-by-play of all that happened while I was gone. I will scoop up each child (well...maybe not Herman...he's a little big for scooping) and I will love on them like I've been gone for years. I will make dinner for everyone and settle back into home life where I belong.

Hopefully Mr. Amazing won't be too worn out from flying solo for a few days. I'll have food prepared in advance for him. I'm going to lay out clothes for the little people. (He claims he doesn't know how to match clothes - he's full of baloney but I'll appease him.) I have also deputized Daphne to come over and help brush hair. Mr. Amazing is good. Really good. He can do just about anything he's that good. But he's a little bit intimidated by girl hair that goes six inches past the rear end of a four year old!!

I'm looking forward to my escape. It's going to be just long enough that I'm going to get to relax. But not too long that I feel like I'm abandoning everyone. I can't wait!!


Mitzy said...

Enjoy your escape, you deserve it!

The Campbell's Journey said...

Yeah, Good for you!!

aka. "Mimi" said...

Oh... That sounds HEAVENLY!!! My heart went all pitty-patter just reading about it... You enjoy every single second. You definitely deserve it!