Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Text conversation

I decided to try and get some answers last night so I sent a text to the worker that most recently handled Dude & Dolly's case. She's a supervisor and has since been relieved of handling things with Dude and Dolly. But...she's back on Pumpkin's case as the supervisor. So it wasn't out of the question for me to contact her.

ME: I haven't heard anything from the new case worker for Dude and Dolly. Do you have their contact info? I really want to know the position the State is going to take when we go to court in three weeks. Do you know if everyone is still recommending a transfer to D*** with their grandma?

DEBORAH: I'm not sure. R*** is the supervisor, you can reach her at 555-1234

ME: Thank you! While I've got you...do you know what's going on in Pumpkin's case? Her GAL was supposed to meet with me but never returned my call. I want to help everyone be ready in May for the contested placement hearing.

DEBORAH: We're going to staff the case with one of our child safety specialists as from what I understand we have no reason to not return to mom...or at least that's what I'm being told.

ME: OMG! You're kidding...right?!

DEBORAH: No. That's why I need to staff it.

I finished the conversation with a simple statement that I was horribly concerned about Pumpkin's safety with her mom. Deborah didn't say anything back.

This is the reality of foster care. Very rarely does it make sense. I'm scared to death for Pumpkin. A completely non-verbal child is being sent back for the second time into an environment of abuse and neglect with only the protection of a Child Safety Specialist. I highly doubt they will be able to keep Pumpkin safe.

As for Dude and Dolly -- I'm not exactly fearful for them. Disappointed...yes. But I can't prove that their situation in D*** will be filled with abuse or neglect. I do know the transfer will be highly traumatic. I'm confident they will not be happy when they leave our home.

Just this past weekend my AWESOME neighbor Daphne came over the house so Mr. Amazing and I could go on a date. Dude and Dolly were in their own home – with someone they know and trust – and they couldn't go to bed. Dolly sat on the edge of her bed for hours rocking back and forth saying, "My mommy sings to me. I want my mommy. I want my mommy. Daphne no knows the songs. My mommy sings to me." over and over and over

I can't imagine how they will handle the transfer to a new home with a complete stranger that doesn't even speak their language.

Oh wait -- I guess I can. It's what happened to them back in June of last year when they came to live with me.

I pray their grandma wants to love on them as much as I did!!

My house could feel very empty in less than one month.


Mitzy said...

I feel you. Please remember I am praying for you and all of your little cherubs.

Mama P said...

Oh, Mamma...this whole thing just sucks. :( Im praying, too...have been and will continue.