Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I've got court again next week

Pumpkin has court next week. It's a contested hearing. The State would like to place Pumpkin with her aunt and uncle. Mom is not in favor,'s contested.

Originally I thought that the lawyer(s) were going to meet with me in regards to building a case against Mom. I was told they wanted to discuss Pumpkin's level of neglect prior to coming in to care. They also wanted my input about Mom's behaviors since Pumpkin has been with us. I had hope that maybe someone was going to do their job and find out for sure if Pumpkin would be safe with Mom or if she really should go with the aunt and uncle.

Pumpkin's GAL (guardian ad litem) even called me. She said she wanted to schedule a meeting. This was weeks ago. We are now five days away from court and nothing has been scheduled yet! I'm not holding my breath. And since the GAL told me repeatedly that Pumpkin would probably go home, that's what I've been preparing for.

However, it looks like the problems that landed Pumpkin into Care in the first place might be surfacing again.

Pumpkin had a family visit on Monday while I was in court with the littlest cherubs. Rainbow (our agency worker) picked Pumpkin up from school and took her to CPS for the visit. Pumpkin's mom was late. This is not typical for Pumpkin's mom. On paper she really looks like she is committed to Pumpkin. She comes to all the visits and is always on time. But on Monday, she was late.

When she did arrive, she was driving someone else's car. They stopped in front of the CPS office and Mom got out. The owner (?) of the car then got in the front seat of the vehicle -- carrying an open can of beer.

Pumpkin's mom should know better than to be a part of behavior like this. But to do it in front of the CPS office?! aye yi yi!

Thankfully Rainbow was there to witness things. This calls in to question Pumpkin's Mom's ability to keep Pumpkin safe. It's not clear cut of course. You and I wouldn't do things like this. And it's hard to prove much since Rainbow didn't get the license plate of the driver. Legally CPS can probably do very little with the information. But is questionable behavior!

As luck would have it, Pumpkin's GAL was at the CPS office at that very moment taking care of some other business. Rainbow was able to tell the GAL immediately what she had witnessed. It was more credible coming from Rainbow than it would have been coming from me.

I'm still not holding my breath that anyone is actually doing their jobs in preparing for court next week. But I do think that this event could change the game a bit.


I CANNOT stop thinking about the comment the lawyer made saying we are "too attached" to Dude and Dolly. Out of everything that happened on Monday that is what is just eating me alive. Since it completely blew over in court -- should I do anything about it? Part of me wants to contact CPS/the lawyer and ask where this statement came from. Someone had to have told the lawyer this. She has never (ever) spoken to me!! Who on earth needs to be educated about attachment disorders and how to prevent them?!
Or, should I chalk this up to spiritual warfare and let it rest?


Teresa said...

I can't stop thinking about that comment since I read it in your post either. I wouldn't bring it up to CPS since they already think you're combative, but I would mention it to your agency worker.

A foster parent that is too attached is a good foster parent, and will produce secure kids. That statement should have been made in praise to you, not negatively thrown out in court.

Mie said...

If I were in your shoes I'd let it rest too at least for now. Then I'd probably formal a complaint when the case is D.O.N.E. Of course, I had a caseworker refuse to place siblings together because she wanted to avoid adoption subsidy and I did nothing, so take that for what its worth :)

Meg0422 said...

I'd say let it rest and be assured that the opposite is not what they should want. You're in this for the kids, not the lawyers and state. Love them as much as possible so if their situation is bad in the future they can hang onto those loved feelings! Make them a part of your family so they can learn what a family really is and they'll understand there are different kinds of families. The only word of caution is that the comment may have stemmed for your desire to adopt, which really isn't a bad thing.

MamaFoster said...

I wouldn't say anything about that comment either.

Also, I always get a phone call from the gal the day before court...hope you do too