Thursday, May 17, 2012

Miss Supervisor

Well well well...

Abby is NOT going to be the worker handling Dude & Dolly's case. Instead, Miss Supervisor is going to continue to run the show.

The Miss Supervisor that showed up to my house this afternoon was not the same person that showed up April 30. was the same human body. But her intentions were radically different.

She literally told the children they are moving to Dallas. (Screw the D*** anymore. If I get busted writing this blog 'cause someone important figures me out I get busted.) She held Dolly on her lap and said that when she moves in with Grandma N she will get to see her (and I quote) "real, REAL mommy".

Oh my. I'm fake. I'm a fake mommy.

Dolly probably told Miss Supervisor she wants to stay with Mamma at least half a dozen times. (She didn't even call me Mamma L***. She just kept saying "stay with Mamma".) Miss Supervisor's response, "You're going to go to Dallas with Grandma N."

Dude is not impressed! He wouldn't get off my lap. And when Miss Supervisor started explaining the day visits they are going to take to Dallas, Dude was even less impressed. He flat out told her he doesn't want to fly on an airplane.

Dolly kept focusing on the part when Miss Supervisor told them, "they'll come back here". Dolly made sure they would be coming back to Mamma. That's all she cared about.


I'm not surprised. I'm not surprised at all. My heart is broken in a million pieces. But I'm not surprised. And to clarify, yes...I'm personally hurt by all this. But mostly, I'm hurt for the children. They need permanency. I even told Miss Supervisor that they should have been moved in November. If the State was so Hell bent on moving them, they should have just gone!

I pointed out that my disappointment in Grandma is her lack of involvement. That she is not initiating ANYTHING. I think it's perfectly stupid that the State is now going to initiate and pay for day trips up to Dallas. Forcing a relationship like this isn't going to change anything. Sure, the kids might even have fun. It's a day trip. And will help them have a better understanding of where they are going to go. But I don't think the State wants to recognize that it's not helping develop a "relationship". It's just an expensive game they are playing and the kids are hanging out in foster care while they play it.

They should have moved to Grandma's house in November when they started this whole mess the first time.


When we go to court next (which might be sooner than September if they do indeed call a special hearing like Miss Supervisor wants to) we will be in front of a new judge. The children will also have a new lawyer. This will probably be the biggest game changer of all. It is because of their current lawyer that they have stayed in Care. Their lawyer right now does not think it's in the childrens' best interests to go to Dallas at all. She made that very clear in court on Monday. I probably shouldn't speculate as to how the new lawyer will feel about things. But I'm betting once they have a visit or two in Dallas, the new lawyer will send them to live there permanently and just be done with the case.


I'm not surprised. I don't like it at all. But I'm not surprised!


Teresa said...

Oh Em Gee... My brain can't even compute all the craziness I just read. I can not believe they are going to do day visits or that the children have been told in such a direct manner something that hasn't even been done in court yet. Ridiculous.

Didn't your state cut bio visits to once/month a while back due to budgeting? But they can afford to fly 2 kids to Dallas?! That's insane.

I'm sorry this is happening to your cherubs :(

CherubMamma said...

Oh yeah Teresa! This supervisor had NO BUSINESS saying for sure that ANYTHING was going to happen.

She doesn't even have financial approval for the day trips yet. She told me (before parroting to the children multiple times that they WILL be flying to Dallas) that if she can't get approval they might just have to get Grandma down here.

That part made me sick to my stomach. I wouldn't tell my own children about something like this unless I knew for sure it would happen. And I certainly wouldn't tell such little children about something this big that isn't happening until weeks from now!

Jennifer said...

I think you now know who said you are too attached. This is all so yucky that I don't even know what to say. Sorry.

The Author said...

I can totally see how all this was done in the kids best interests...I am sure they are just so excited to go see grandma! (meant to be sarcastic)

sometimes I feel like asking these workers if this is how they would want to see their own children treated just to gain some kind of perspective.