Monday, May 7, 2012

Quick catch up in bullet points

• I had a marvelous time at my business meeting. I ended up staying in a lovely old hotel in downtown San Antonio. I spent all my time either in my hotel or at the business venue just four blocks away. Room service was amazing and I reveled in the peace and quiet. I think the sales end of things went well. I'm hoping that maybe I landed a new client or two for my business.

• The cherubs missed me horribly while I was away and there were lots of talks about "mommy". Dude and Dolly each latched on to the few items they have from their first mommy. Having me gone made them confused them like crazy. It triggered all their feelings of abandonment. They were quite happy when I came back! There have been lots and lots of conversations about how much they love me. They are also telling me regularly that they are going to tell the lawyer they want to stay here.

• Court is in a mere 7 days. The fate of Dude and Dolly will be decided at that time. I know that Grandma hasn't made any contact with CPS since she came down to see the cherubs right before Easter. No phone calls. No letters. No contact. I have such a hard, hard time believing this grandma really wants these children!!

• Mr. Wonky has been staying away from our home. It's been quite nice. TT hasn't been meeting with the therapist either. I decided I wasn't too thrilled with her approach. (Perhaps it's another blog post. But to put it simply her approach was, "Hey TT, quit throwing fits". I can do better than that myself.) Either way, he's been able to self-regulate. He handled me leaving much better than I thought he would and we didn't have any fall-out when I returned. Whew!

• Nothing has changed with Pumpkin other than I keep being told that she's probably going to go home. Her GAL called me and we talked for awhile but we have yet to have the "meeting" she said we would have after court in April. Court is coming up for Pumpkin in just 16 days. I really have no idea what is going to happen. I worry for Pumpkin and her future. She needs such specialized care and I don't think anyone wants to recognize how serious of a subject this is.

• The countdown for the end of the school year is here! TT is even handling the craziness of spring OK. School is all a disaster due to standardized testing, extra parties and celebrations, and field trips. Even though he's in second grade he suffers horribly during the standardized testing. His teacher is taken from him to test the upper grades. He even has to leave his classroom so it can be used by the upper grades for testing. They end up shuffling the lower grades around to the gym, the computer lab, outside, and in the cafeteria. They watch way too many movies and the learning pretty much stops. It sucks!! But TT has been doing better this spring that in years past!

• I have decided to officially home school all my kids next year. I even picked the curriculum. Herman and TT will both attend an online school. Because Bart is only going in to second grade he can't attend the online school. He's going to use A Beka. He wants me to order the materials right away. Part of him thinks he can start school this summer and finish 2nd grade before the fall. He likes the idea of being allowed to work at his own pace. And both the younger cherubs assure me I won't have the same problems I have with Herman and getting school done in a timely fashion. (I'm not holding my breath. But I do think both boys realize the amount of freedom they will have if they get the schooling done efficiently.)

I think that about covers everything. I'm probably going to be scarce on here for awhile. I'm trying to not get worked up about court. It's not easy but I have a peace about it. At least I do today. I think I'll be able to say good-bye and not completely lose myself in depression. I'm praying for a miracle though.

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Carrie said...

Glad you were able to get away! Such a delicate balancing act of being there for the kiddos that need us and taking time to be refreshed ourselves. Praying for God's will in your upcoming court dates, and also that He would give you the grace to handle each decision.