Friday, June 29, 2012

Bored Box

My cherubs generally know how to play pretty well without a lot of adult intervention. However, every now and then I'll hear those dreaded words, "I'm booooorrrrred."

One day, when I was a kid, I told my mother how bored I was. I then had the pleasure of cleaning the carpet in our basement with a toothbrush. I learned very quickly that it wasn't a good idea to express my level of boredom out loud.

For my cherubs...I sometimes redirect with chores. Sometimes all it takes is a timeout to their room. But for fun, I did create the Bored Box.
As you can tell, it is nothing fancy!! It's just a diaper wipe box filled with slips of paper for my kids to select from. This is not a new idea either. I'm sure many of you have read about these in parenting magazines before. Honestly, the hardest part (for me anyway) was coming up with things to put inside the Bored Box.

To help anyone out that would like to make one of these, here is a sampling of items inside our Bored Box:

read a book
make silly faces for 3 minutes
wipe down a bathroom counter good
put together a puzzle
read a book to Pumpkin
write a letter to someone
make your bed
clean a bathroom mirror
eat a piece of candy
play video games for 30 minutes
help Mom with something in the kitchen
help Mom with laundry
walk around the block
draw a picture
clean the sliding glass door
empty all the garbage cans
jump ramps (outside on their bikes)
dance for 5 minutes
clean up dog poop in the yard
make a fun snack
do something nice for someone else
call a family member to say hi
pick up your room
ride your bike
roller skate
do a craft
make some Kool-Aid
watch TV for 30 minutes
dust the living room
clean the hand rail on the steps
punch the heavy bag for 5 minutes
vacuum the living room
play quietly for 15 minutes
sing a song
vacuum your bedroom
drink a glass of water
make dessert
brush your teeth
play basketball
make Mom & Dad's bed
sweep the kitchen
brush Charlie outside (our dog)
ride your skateboard

Several of these are in the box more than once (pick up dog poop). The TV and video game strips are only in one time. And believe it or not, they will keep on picking items from the Bored Box over and over in the hopes of getting one of those two strips. I've even had neighbor kids do the Bored Box when they came over. (My house got a lot cleaner that particular day.)

What do you do when your kids complain of boredom?


The Campbell's Journey said...

I was just sitting here reading this and my 7 yr old came up to me and asked me if she could scrub the floor (somebody tracked in dirt). He he, I love your bored box. I may just have to create one myself!

Sunday Taylor said...

I LOVE the box idea. My two little girls do a pretty good job of entertaining themselves and each other. My 14 year-old seems to think she is going to spend the summer either in her room on her computer or out with friends. I have instituted the hour off, hour on policy. She can be in her room and or on her computer for an hour and then out and doing something that doesn’t involve electricity for an hour. I told her today she can read, knit, weave, crocheted…silly me…I forgot all about dog poop!

Anonymous said...

Love the idea that they have to do whatever they pull out of the box. Awesome :)