Thursday, June 7, 2012

I just made the investigator's day

Because of what happened to Pumpkin over the weekend at her mom's house, a new investigation has been opened up. Even though I'm not personally being investigated, I am in charge of helping relay information about Pumpkin to all the necessary people. That meant I knew an investigator would be coming to my house any day this week.

I finally got the call this morning. Susan (the investigator for this round with Pumpkin) asked me a few simple questions on the phone and then said she'd be over later. She didn't give me an exact time – just that she's be by sometime in the morning.

I spent the next couple hours worked up more than normal. I used to not mind anyone that came over. Investigators didn't freak me out at all. But now that I've been investigated a few times, I get a little more nervous than is necessary. Each time I've been investigated they were unable to find anything wrong with my home or my behavior (save the one time I didn't have Pumpkin's med logs completely up to date). But it's still quite unnerving to me. I was relieved when Susan finally graced my doorstep.

She didn't need a lot from me really. She just wanted me to sign releases for all of Pumpkin's medical providers so she could get copies of Pumpkin's records. Imagine her surprise when I pulled out my binder. I think I might have made her day!

I told Susan that I had all of Pumpkin's records. I showed her how my binder worked. Then I got serious.

"Are you going to bring this back to me? I have to have it! Because if you don't bring it to me...I will hunt you down!"

She was incredibly pleased. Susan told me it can take over a month to get records from some doctors down here. She took my binder to the CPS office right around the corner, made copies of what she needed, and brought the binder back to me about an hour later.

The entire process was painless in the end.

I was told that a special court session is taking place today to try and stop future visits between Pumpkin and her mom. I'm sure this is largely because I got the lawyers involved yesterday. I dropped by the office of Pumpkin's guardian and left copies of the doctor's most recent progress notes that detailed each of the bruises and scratches on Pumpkin.

I will find out later this afternoon or first thing tomorrow what was decided. As much as I hate thinking about how long all of this is going to drag out now, I'm hoping that Pumpkin can stop seeing her mom. Then maybe they can finally going about terminating rights and letting the aunt and uncle take over.

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