Monday, June 18, 2012


All the cherubs got interviewed.

Dude and Dolly went first. They said when they get in trouble they go to the corner. (true)

They said they also get pow-pows. (not exactly true)

The investigator said this might complicate things. She believes us that we don't spank. She thinks that likely all that will happen is our agency will get notification and we will have to sign something saying we know not to spank.

OR.... because this investigation started when I reported physical abuse on Pumpkin, it could get worse. If the investigator's supervisor doesn't believe that Dude and Dolly were talking about before they came in to care.... well.... I don't know.

Either way, I'm sick to my stomach right now. I hate this feeling. I'm some kind of bad guy right now.

I'm not perfect. I suppose in the last 369 days I have swatted their little rear ends as I was moving them to the corner 3-4 times. And I know I've swatted them a few times when they get out of bed repeatedly at night. But I don't "pow pow" them. That's a word they used when they first came in to care.

So are they talking about me? Or were they talking about the course of their entire life?

Like I said, the investigator believes my husband and I. She's going to try and explain it as best as she can to her supervisor. They are little. Everyone else in the house (and she interviewed everyone) says we don't spank the foster kids.

But still...the long arm of CPS can reach in far. I do not know what is going to come of all of this.


openarmsopenheart said...

So so crappy! Thinking of you.

Teresa said...

My heart beats a little faster reading this. With their age and English being the second language they were taught, this should blow over. Praying for peace for you and wisdom for the investigator right now.

Foster Mom - R said...

This too shall pass. And without "proof" investigations don't go far. I had a kid dragged cross the room at a supervised visit and it was unfounded. Prayers to you guys!

MamaFoster said...

uggghhh. i would be a wreck BUT nothing will come of it I am sure.

Mitzy said...

Thinking about you and hoping this investigation is resolved quickly. Hang in there!