Friday, June 15, 2012

Quick training session

Do not -- I repeat -- DO NOT (for your foster children) sign anything medically that says you agree to being responsible should insurance not cover a procedure. Read all the paperwork and do not sign that piece of paper.

Pumpkin's recent hospitalization isn't covered the way it was submitted to insurance because it appears they didn't draw blood to test the level of seizure medication in her system. I've been assured that this is not going to complicate things for me and the hospital will resolve it. But I can guarantee you I feel better knowing there is no documentation saying I'm responsible for this financially in any way. I will hand over my driver's license for ID. I give them my full name and address. But I will not put my social security number on anything foster care related. Nor will I initial and sign the piece of paperwork that says I agree to pay if insurance doesn't. Protect yourself!!

If you live in Texas -- double check with every provider BEFORE driving across the city to an appointment. Do not trust your doctor to ensure that the person they referred you to takes Star Health (the version of Medicaid foster children are automatically placed on in Texas).

In other states, Medicaid is Medicaid. In Texas however, it can't possibly be that simple. And for Pumpkin, we wait now to find a dermatologist that will take Star Health. I still don't know what caused her to lose large handfuls of hair a month ago. Eventually I guess we'll find out.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, this is a good tip. I've had a doctor try to come after me for thousands of unpaid bills from BEFORE Grover was in foster care... Just because I gave them my address. You know what they didn't (and still don't) have? My social or my signature. :-/ Hope everything gets worked out for Pumpkin.

Teresa said...

Yes Yes Yes!! I had the hospital Baby 1 was born in report to a credit agency that I owed 12,000 because someone listed me as his Mother after an emergency room visit for RSV. The creditor said that his Mom's name was my alias! It took letters and phone calls from the county to settle it, but my saving grace was that I had not signed anything for that visit.