Wednesday, June 20, 2012

THEY GET TO STAY (for now)

Alright --- try and follow if you want....

CPS licensing (the department that handles investigations) NEVER had any concern about the children in our home. If they did, the kids would have been moved Monday night after they spoke with all the kids. They just have to process the paperwork and keep everything legal so that "we" can look at Pumpkin's bio mom's lawyer and say without a doubt the bruise and scratch Pumpkin got did not come from anyone at the foster home.

My licensing agency (the one Rainbow works for) has a policy in place that dictates kids have to leave the home in investigations like this one.

When Rainbow was told this today, she looked at the agency director and said, "I'm NOT telling Cherub Mamma her kids have to leave!" So Agency Director had to call me.

Due to the raw reaction I gave Agency Director, she became more vested in keeping the kids in my home. SHE needed to be the one to pull the strings to bypass this particular policy.

So...Agency Director had to go all the way to the top of CPS Licensing to have them say there is no concern on their part with the children in my home.

She then took that information to the top of the food chain at our Agency. (She is only the director of our local department. There are agency locations all over Texas and out on the East Coast.)

The top of the food chain at our agency gave the blessing for the children to stay in our home...for now.

No one knows what is going to happen next. Agency Director did indicate that she wants to get this investigation closed before our vacation so we can all leave in peace. Again...NO ONE thinks we did anything. This is all a procedural nightmare.

I have made it perfectly clear that when Pumpkin's bio mom gets unsupervised visits back I will have NOTHING to do with transport to and from said visits. Someone ELSE will be responsible for looking Pumpkin over from top to bottom before she leaves and then looking her over when she gets back. I will NOT be doing the reporting in the future should Pumpkin's bio mom be stupid again.

I still covet your prayers. This is hugely stressful for me and it's wrecking havoc on my ability to function normally. I can feel my arthritis starting to flare. I can't seem to focus. And I'm super short tempered. (Not a good place to be when you're under investigation.)


Teresa said...

It is so hurtful when you do exactly what Foster care is all about- bring kids into your home when they need it and treat them like your own- and then you are penalized because real life doesn't follow procedure: Preschoolers don't answer interview qustions with articulation, Bioparents don't play nicely, you have other things to do beside wait for the next call or visit from CPS.
I'm praying for a very relaxing foster-free vacation for you and the cherubs :)

Carrie said...

What a nightmare. Praying for you.

grkanga said...

TRAVESTY of "caring for children's safety". Very sorry for you and your whole family. Agency better get their tails in gear before you do the "out out dam*** spot" on their heads. Really, they WANT to find alternate homes for all foster children and prove in court that was the best thing for the children???? And prove that letting bio mom of pumpkin mistreat her AGAIN was best. I got so tired of 24th chances for bio parents and ZERO FIRST chances for the children.
Breath in and out, and know there are those who appreciate what you are doing, forgoing, and sacrificing for all the children in your home. Wish your response to the director's suggestion of removal was on tape....

MamaFoster said...

i hate this. at least they dont have to be moved

Mitzy said...

I will continue to pray for you. Wishing you closure and peace with this ridiculous investigation.

Mandy said...

Your posts moved me to prayers instantly. Praying for you and your family.

openarmsopenheart said...

This makes me so angry! I'm so impressed at you continuing to foster through all the crap they throw at you. Praying that it all gets resolved as soon as possible.