Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Remember when you went through training and they told you that if you're under routine investigation it's not uncommon to remove the foster children until the investigation is over?

Well -- it's true.

At this very moment the director of our licensing agency is trying to get ahold of a supervisor or two at CPS licensing (the part of CPS that is responsible for investigations) to try and talk some sense in to them. NO ONE believes the children are in any danger in my home. Not even the investigator that came to my home on Monday and talked with all of the children.

However, government runs on procedure and this is what is supposed to happen. The children are scheduled to leave my home tonight. They are "trying" to keep Dude and Dolly together. (As if that's some kind of consolation for me.)

I'm a total wreck. I can barely function. I would appreciate some prayer please. For me. For the children. For the people in power.

All THIS because of a tiny pinch bruise and a 1" scratch that Pumpkin got while under the care of her mother.

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